What The Heck Was Yesterday All About?

Whew! I am not into astrology but yesterday was a tough one to get through. I know we had a slight geomagnetic flair which causes havoc on us sensitive ones. I still feel slight fairs today and they are there but minor ones – still. I’m breathing through them and if weather permits, heading outside to connect with the vibration in earth that suits me.

Oh and it was also the New Moon phase yesterday which I just love!!! It’s when my psychic abilities are pretty darn strong they just got counteracted by that hard energy.

Pushing forward. Keep in mind life is all about balance and it’s ok to admit that you had a rough day. That is all part of bringing your shadows forward and healing them.

How Do I Call In The Right Angel?

So many times I’m asked “Which Angel will help me with xyz?”
Each Angel has their own speciality, job, role, responsibility, function, whatever you want to call it. However, don’t put the stress on yourself by pondering which Angel’s role can help you in time of need.
Angel Hug soaring energies of 2017

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How Much “Stuff” Do We Need In Life?

This card represents the Root Chakra and POSSESSIONS. It seems we go through life like a bunch of squirrels gathering and collecting stuff. More stuff, all kinds of stuff, little, big, new and old. How much stuff do we need? Why do we need tons of stuff?

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Who Is The Angel Of Sound?

Shamael is all about Sound. This includes any sound from music, mantras, nature sounds and of course songs we love. Certain types of music touch us on a soul level. It can make us happy, sad, energetic and of course, remind us of a passed loved one. Also keep in mind that music also sounds like silence 

the angel of sound