Set Your Intentions For The 12/12 Gateway. And So It Is

Set your intentions to tap into the power and energy of today’s Gateway. Feel the high frequencies as you connect to yourself and the possibilities of what you can do.



“(Say your name) is ready to connect and feel all that this Gateway has to offer. I feel myself grow and unfold and each cell of my body becomes brighter and stronger as I reach my highest potential. I am ready.”

And so it is ❤

In Simple Terms, What is the 12/12 Gateway All About?

So tomorrow is 12/12. Here we go tapping into those number sequences and the “gateways and timelines.” In simple terms, how does all this work?


What are these energy surges about? Just that – energy. You are constantly moving and changing and the Universe so to speak, is helping you along.

To keep this simple, know that you will or are still feeling those physical changes and yes they hurt – those headaches and anxieties feel uncomfortable but you will get through it – it will pass.

This is life my Angels. Ride through it the best you can. Tap into your Crown Chakra and go right to the “Source” for answers and comfort. Not sure what that means? Just breathe, BIG inhales, BIG exhales. When you breathe in, set your intentions to cleanse your body with these new energies. When you exhale, grab all the staleness from deep within and send it all out – you don’t need it anymore.

Soak it all up. Take it, it’s yours

How Can Metatron’s Cube Help Me?

I virtually visualize Metatron’s Cube going into my body starting from my head, the Crown Chakra. As it passed through your body all the edges of the cube pick up and gather all the stuff in your body, by your Chakras, that doesn’t need to be there – like a filter.

As the Cube goes throughout your body and out your feet, send it right down to the Earth. As the Cube passes in the Earth all the debris so to speak, gets taken off the and is back to being shiny new. This is the wonderful tool that Archangel Metatron has for us to keep our Spirit squeaky clean.


Here is a blog post I wrote that goes into deeper detail
How To Use Metatron’s Cube To Clear Your Body


Which Angels Can Help Me Get Through Illusions of Life?

Life has many illusions. Is what you are seeing real or is it a facade?

Keep in mind that not everything seems as it appears. There are many illusions in life and may appear clear as day.

life is an illusion
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“Angel Expressions” Reading for Just $11

Hi Angels! How many of you get messages when you sleep? I took a mid afternoon nap today after a night of very little sleep and low and behold, my Angels come up with a clever idea.

They came up with “Angel Expressions” which consist of a three card reading for the magic number of just $11. How wild is that?

I thought this was so clever!

If anyone is interested in this type of reading, the link to PayPal is below. Include your email address in the PayPal notes so I can send this to you.


angel expressions.001


Now Is The Time To Reprogram Our Thoughts

Let’s reprogram our thoughts. Many people are saying that now is the time to RELEASE and this is very true however, we’ve been releasing all year-long. Now is the time to do the opposite and COLLECT or GATHER all that you want and seek in life. Let’s start moving up the ascension ladder and begin to WALK INTO our frequency. We are light, we are Angels, let’s get the mindset of that and wrap our heads around all of which that entails. When you have THIS kind of mindset, watch how your life will begin to change ❤

If Today Was Your Last Day On Earth, How Would You Spend It?

“I would spend the day in the mountains with my husband. I’d tell my family where I was going and what I was doing to let them know but I’d be in a place of peace. Going to the mountains and “just being” is my love not theirs so there is no need for them to be with me, just in spirit. I’d soak up the earth energy in the day and the stars at night. As my eyes close for the last time, I’d know my love is with me and my heart, at peace.”

What how would you spend your last day?

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