What Colors Can Help Me Heal?

I may not have mentioned it at this point but I have another blog that I am very active on. It’s www.decoratingbydonna.com. On that website you’ll note that I specialize in color. I’ve been working as a color expert/interior designer for the past 30 years. What does this have to do with angels? A lot.

As a clairvoyant many of my messages are received visually. Color plays a huge role in that. As we step forward in our journey using our mind, body and spirit you’ll find that colors are also very healing.

I invite you to look at this on demand presentation that I created that focuses on healing hues. So much of our journey has to do with healing and if we can connect with color and visualize how healing can take place with just using color, a whole new world will open up.

The Angel Of OPPORTUNITY Speaks To Me

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m looking out my window, reflecting and enjoying the birds singing, particularly the very loud Cardinal. I also note a squirrel enjoying its morning snack. The squirrel is also a totem animal of mine – at this time.

I have so many ideas that are always running through my head – Spirit just sends and sends and sends. However many of them just remain in my head because of the amount of information I get and then the dilemma of me trying to figure a way to present it all to you.

As I pulled my card of the day I asked my Angels for guidance. “How can I works smart and not hard yet share all this amazing information?” Then I pull the card of OPPORTUNITY.


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Do You Connect With Birds?

I am an avid birdwatcher. I have a new camera and find taking pictures of birds is so enjoyable. Every bird has a spiritual symbolism. What bird stands out for you?

“As a totem blackbird has an extraordinary meaning. Blackbirds represent knowledge. They are carriers of intelligence and quick wit, so everybody born under this totem or everyone with a blackbird as a spiritual animal, has a big possibility of being extremely smart and intelligent. … Blackbirds also represent intuition.”



When Angels Ask US to Help

“Dear Ones, as I protect you I ask that you protect that which is around you.”

This is the message that I felt this morning from Archangel Michael. What does it mean? It’s a reminder to be mindful of the world around us. The small creatures that need our help from bees to birds. Those that do not have power or voice need our energy and love to help them along. Look out and beyond yourself to see how you can help Nature thrive. Plant those flowers that feed butterflies and birds. Have feeders for the bees who are crying for our help. Help the creatures that are in harm’s way – intervene where you feel you need to be to help and protect our Nature.

What is meant to be will happen. Be aware of your surroundings. Open your heart and take that extra step to help those living things who are reaching out ❤


Do Visits From Our Beloved Pets Help Us Heal Or Hinder The Healing Process?

I’ve had A LOT of dreams this past week where my passed cat Jimmy has been visiting me. On one hand it’s nice to be able to see him again but it brings up memories of when he was with me on this realm. Does seeing our beloved pets in dreams help us or does it delay the healing process of them passing? As my abilities grow and my senses grow deeper as a psychic medium I’m hoping there will be a way to better understand these visits so I can process these feelings a little better.

visits from our beloved pets

Colors That Remind Us Of Angels

Did you ever look at a color and say, “Oh that color reminds me of Archangel Michael!” I bet your were looking at indigo blue too! Well there are certain colors that are very much symbolic of our Angelic Realm. Let’s go over some of the basics.

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Journal Post: When The Universe Guides

I’m finding that instead of me searching for my way, my way is finding me. The projects that I thought I should be doing somehow are going on the back burner and other projects that my fuel my soul are coming forward. Cords that I’ve cut are not felt anymore and the basic things in life have a whole new meaning. I’m really tapping into my inner, Higher self and it’s self fueling, less work to go where I need to be. I guess what it boils down to is just listening to self, listening to Spirit and the flow of that is effortless.

new beginnings start with love

New & Full Moon Intuitive Readings Now Available

Hi Angels! I have a new Divination tool, a Selenite Ball. I’ve had time to spend with this energy and it feels like the part of my journey that I’ve been missing.

Having said that, I am now offering a new service. It’s a Selenite Ball reading that will ONLY be offered during a New Moon phase or a Full Moon phase. The next New Moon is April 16th and I am taking bookings for only that day at this time. The next Full Moon is April 30th when this service will be offered again. You can ask for readings on any of these two days.

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