Who Should Be In Your Life?

People are drawn to each other for a reason. Over time, you’ll find that there are many synchronicity’s that are discovered. That is how you know that you are with someone who is on or has a similar frequency / vibration as you. THESE are the people you should have in your life.

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Is Your Moon Half Full or Half Empty?

Here’s something to think about today. Today’s moon phase is 54% illumination – just about half. It symbolizes balance, half light half dark. Like a glass being half full, are you well lit or still gazing at darkness? Step into the light so to speak. Get illuminated by your inspirations and the desires that drive you in your life. Leave all the things behind that no longer serve you and feel the light on your face. It’s a good place to be!

moon phase 50% illumination

Spiritual Confidence; It’s Not Easy To Get But Sure Feels Good When You Have It

Lots happened the last week or so but I’ve gotten to the place of “This is MY life and I’m going to make it awesome. Either you’re with me or you’re not.”

spiritual confidence

There are many people who don’t know what they want in life nor know how to achieve it. I’ve worked really hard to be where I am so far and a few set backs only make me stronger. These are life lessons and are needed to grow. The catcher here is once you make a decision as to who belongs in your life to grow with you and who needs to stay behind, stand your ground. Do not fall back and rethink your decision.

Once you feel how good it feels when you’re over the hump, there’s no going back. It just that sometimes, that hump is a little high. You can do it ❤

When You’re Upset, Angels Find A Way To Help You Process Those Emotions

I had gone over a friends house Sunday with my husband and through a chain of events, was probably the most awful night I’ve had in long time and I’m talking tears!!! Since I’m so flipping sensitive, those feelings spilled into yesterday as well – just two really bad days.

when angels help process emotions
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ALWAYS Trust Your Intuition!

If there is one thing that I’ve learned is to always trust your intuition. There have been so many times where I’d tap into my Clairs and just know that answer but then doubt comes in and ruins everything. I later find out that I am always right – IF I listen to myself. INTUITION. Trust it, it’s your key to levels and levels of you 

unlock your intuition

When You Think About Angels, They Will Come

The interesting thing about Angels is when you start to focus on them, they are on you like a moth to a bright light.

I’m working on copy for my Intuitive Angel Certification course and Archangel Michael is up first. It’s like he says, “Oh look! Donna is connecting with me so I’m going to go over there and hang with her a little closer.” What does this mean?

four main archangels

When you call upon an Angel, they come. Now don’t freak out if you can’t see them, that is not what’s important here. What’s important is if you FEEL them. That is what my course is going to be about too.

It’s super important to be able to know what each Angel FEELS like so if you notice a mood change in yourself or if you get a little bit of confidence or guidance, you’ll be able to identify where that energy came from.

Like I said, I’m working with Michael this week. So how do I feel today? I feel ambitious, motivated, passionate about who I am and what I do and I also feel a drive that continues to move me forward to keep doing what I do. THIS my Angels, is Michael.

Angels are pure energy and that translates to emotions. Note how you feel each day, write it down and also note which Angels you are thinking about. Keep the list of Angels simple which is why I’m just working with the four main Archangels at the time.

Know them, feel them, love them ❤

What Does Your Spiritual Happy Place Feel Like?

Sometimes the burdens of life can be devastating – life is no joke or at least at times, it feels that way right? So what do we do?

It is at these times when we grow closer to Source and call in our Angels and Guides. I know many of you say that you can’t feel them or see them therefore they don’t exist. SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!

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Can You Hear Your Angels Speak To You?

It’s amazing what you hear when you relax your mind and trust Spirit. I said to myself, “what should I make for lunch?” and I hear “pasta salad.” Now many of you may be saying “oh it’s just her imagination or mind creating an answer.” Is it really?

If that’s what you believe and it’s 100% ok if you do, there’s a lot of learning yet ahead for you. If you feel that this is one way that our Angels and Guides communicate with us, you are moving forward nicely. Trust that connection ❤

trust what you hear

How Do You Know If You Have A Spirit Guide Helping You?

I’d like to share a Spiritual experience with you. Is painting a Spiritual experience? Do you believe that you have or can have a Spirit Guide for ANYTHING? I say heck yeah!

I have a spooky story about how a ghost helped me paint. At least 15 years ago, I was painting a beach scene and all I had to do was add a beach fence. I asked out loud but to myself, so I thought, “where should I put the fence?” Next thing I know I SAW a fence appear on my painting! Ever hear the expression “all the hair stood up on my neck?” Well, all the hair stood up on my neck as I saw someone paint a fence on MY painting! I rubbed my eyes like they do in the movies and yes, it was still there. So I painted in the fence where I was shown it should be, and the painting came out perfect.

Yesterday I completed this painting of a Labradorite in just two days! I haven’t used oils in years and took on an ambitious subject at that. I painted it like I made a thousand and I can’t even believe the results.

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How Is Your Spiritual Journey Like Cleaning Your Closet?

In your closet, you remove the clothes that no longer fit so you can replace it with clothes that look better and also feel good right? Well the same goes for your Spiritual journey.

How is your Spiritual journey like cleaning your closet?

When you get rid of or remove the things in your life that no longer “feel right” you then make room and look forward to adding the things in your life, that are a perfect fit. This pertains to people, things right down to thought processes in your head.

You are changing. It’s time to update your closet ❤