Video Card Readings: You can see me, your cards and your crystals!


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Talk about convenience! Here, you get to see me, the cards I suggest for you, the crystal AND the oils – all from connecting with your energy.  Through trial and error, I’ve tried email readings, Skype reading and live readings. If you’re local of course live readings are obviously the choice but what if your schedule or location doesn’t allow you to be present? This is where these video reading come in. Come see how it’s done.

The Angel Hug Newsletter for May is Ready!

The Angel Hug Newsletter for May is ready! Here is a sneak peek of the table of contents if you are interested in purchasing it. Also, it comes with a personalized 5 minute video card reading just for you. It’s $25 and here’s the link to PayPal if you’d like this 33 page newsletter. If you purchase it, give me a day or two to get the video card reading ready for you!



My Mediumship Certification Is Almost Complete!

Just a few more weeks left in my Mediumship Certification course. Today starts my Practicum! At the end of my course when I receive my certification (fingers crossed.) I will be offering readings at a reduced rate. Normally they are from $75-$111 so a discount will be nice for a limited time.

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Please Stop Blaming Everything On The Retorgrade

Ever notice as soon as the headaches come in or someone’s mood changes the “experts” always say it’s because of the Retrograde? This is probably the main reason I don’t read, follow or subscribe to any of the energy readers. It’s not always because of the Retrograde, it goes much deeper.

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