How Do I Change My Mind, Body And Spirit?

We all want to grow Spiriutally but how? What is the one thing that we can do that will send us soaring into that space and place where we want to be? Come read how making a few choices during the day will make a world of good for our Spirit.

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Why Do I Feel Like I’m At A Spiritual Standstill?

The times that you feel “stuck” and feel like you’re going nowhere fast or feel you are at a standstill, know that there is ALWAYS growth happening within.

Keeping in mind that we are all energy and energy never stays still right? Well neither can you!

Just like your mind always races and many of you find it hard to meditate because your mind goes and goes and goes. This is movement, this is energy, this is growth.

You are not at a plateau or a standstill. You are growing, from the inside out ❤

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Can Music Balance My Chakras?

I have a singing bowl and love it! I don’t know too much about it but I use it to clear my space, raise my vibration and to charge each of my chakras. Did you know that each chakra is represented by a musical note? Music or sound naturally balances your chakras.


YOU Have The Power To “Write Your Day”

Metatron helps out with so much! He assists us with our Spiritual evolution, ascension and light body activation just to name a few.

His message today is to write. This of course means the obvious and journal but it also means to write your day. What does “write your day” mean?

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What Does Spirt Need Me To Know Right Now?

It’s always best when we an answer our own questions but I know it’s hard to do sometimes. How about trying to tap into your 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra to seek your own insights? Try meditation with Spearmint oil and focus on that space right between your eyebrows. Ask your Higher Self questions and as you relax, answers will come to you, just have a nice sense of self-awareness and see what comes through.

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Who Would Like To Learn How To Connect With The Four Main Archangels?

I just launched an online class and it’s a one-of-a-kind course – it literally does not exist anywhere in the internet. What’s the name of the class? How To Use A Compass To Connect With Your Angels. 

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NOW Is The Time To Drop Your Fears

As time goes on and days go by we made choices in life that we are guided to do right? Well some choices feel really good with us but we often wonder how everyone else will react to the choices we make.

Now is the time to put all fears away. We already released all our shadows and fears with the Eclipse now it’s time to walk our walk and talk our talk.

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Want To Talk To Me Live? Come Join My Closed Facebook Group

I welcome you to join my closed Facebook group called Angel Huggers. On most Wednesdays I try to go live. It’s call Angel Chats. I can’t include the link here for some reason you’ll have to do a facebook group search for Angel Huggers.

I talk about the week, energy, Angels, Crystals, Chakras, Dreams, Psychic Development – anything at all. I also do free mini readings in the group so come join!angel chats