Now Is The Time To Set Your Intentions for Tonights New Moon

I stepped into the darkness of the New Moon last night. No shadows, no judgement no light. It was very peaceful, tranquil and I felt like I had the whole moon to myself for just a few minutes.

Intentions were set and my path set into motion. I voiced my desires out loud in a continual, monotone note as if I had rehearsed my speech for hours when in fact if flowed right off my tongue, effortlessly. I feel that I began to manifest my true path as I felt chills on my body.

My time is now. I stepped forward and excepted the path I chose to take. It felt good, right and like I’ve been doing this … for lifetimes ❤

new moon intentions

You Have The Angelic Power To Succeed

As a Certified Angel Intuitive, I take the messages that I hear very seriously. Today it’s all about self. Remember that what you do is good enough for you. The only person you have to please is you. Just for today, love you and all that you do. Everything you do is for a reason. Keep in mind that this is YOUR life and YOU are the boss of you. Love you and your Angelic presence. Place your hand on your heart and feel it ❤



Are You Keeping Your Mind In The NOW?

So many of us are worried about the future and ponder the past. Are we missing out on the now?

Try to be mindful of what’s happing now, in your present time. Feel it, live it, own it. You’ll be surprised the insights you get when you do. Try it.

Slow down, breathe and just for 10 minutes, be in the now.

waves of insights

How To Use Your Clairs and Psychometry to Get Information

Want to know the easiest way to connect with your Angels and the energy around you?USE YOUR CLAIRS & PSYCHOMETRY. Here’s a story of how I used my gifts to get answers and information during a reading.

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