House Pants Should Not Be Black

You know the pants that I’m talking about. The ones that you put on during the cold winter just to lounge around the house. The pants that are oh so comfortable when you put them on because they have all that extra room. It could be the black jogging pants, the dark blue sweatpants, or just the black yoga bottoms that you have thrown in the corner of your room somewhere to wear “just around the house”.

Well those black, loose very comfortable pants are the work the devil! They trick you into feeling thinner because they’re so loose. They trick you into looking thinner because they’re black or dark blue. But they deceive!


There comes a time during the winter when you venture out and try on a normal pair of pants. Perhaps your designer jeans or those nice skinny leg pants that you have that your daughter admires,  you know the ones that have the designer pockets or that look perfect with those high-heel boots you have. Well guess what happens?

They are too tight!

House pants have kept us warm and comfortable throughout the winter but now it’s time to think about putting them away. After trying on “normal” pants they suddenly feel a little more snug than they did last year. But they look so nice and make us feel so great – that’s because they were black and loose.

How did I allow this to happen?

Black – I thought you were my friend?

Loose comfy pants I thought you were my friend?

Well as I look at the weather here in North Carolina and I see that the days ahead will be in the 40’s 50’s and I think the 60’s will be here soon, I will go through my closet. I will gather all my deceiving pants and put them in a pile.

I will take the day to figure out their demise. Should I keep them? Should I give them to Goodwill? Should I give them to the trashcan?

There has to be a solution!

What is the lesson learned here about black? I usually never ever wear black but only as a pant for a night out or for work appointments. You’ll never never ever ever ever see me wear black from the waist up. The color just does not look flattering on me. However, it is perfect for my comfy house pants that deceived  me all winter to think that I was thinner than I actually am.

Maybe the solution is to get white house pants so I’ll still have the comfortable pants but  be reminded that they really aren’t quite so slenderizing.

Oh what to do? What to do?

Time to get back on track because just a few weeks away I’ll be wearing those beautiful colors again.

Black comfy house pants, we need to have a chat.

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