An IL Divo Morning

(archived post from last year) It’s 6:30 on a Saturday morning and most people are sleeping but I wake to the sound of explosive diarrhea from my poor kitten who otherwise seems quite healthy. This is puzzling but the vet is coming today to give her the once over. My day has begun after a quick bathroom wipe down. Fun start right?

I’m trying to be quiet as my husband sleeps and is just getting over the flu so I head out for a walk. The 45 degree temperature is invigorating and mind clearing for sure.  With iPad in hand and an 80’s style headset to capture every note, my walk begins. Surfing through my playlist I find the one song that I love so much or at least love for the next 45 minutes. UnBreak My Heart  by IL Divo has been chosen.

before the dawn

The sun is coming up and it looks so majestic. Thoughts pour through my mind of my parents and how I love them and wish that we lived in the same state. They are in their 80’s and I wish they were here so I could take care of them. A lump appears in my throat but gets swallowed because it is what is is and I can’t change that – life will take it’s course. This upsets me and my IL Divo morning is suddenly taking a turn for the worse . The sky is still beautiful as it reminds me to keep positive in life.

day and night

Watching the sun rise and now listening to IL Divo for the 14th time I’m slowly learning UnBreak My Heart  in Italian or at least that’s what I think it is. It seems my mind is a sharply tuned instrument in the morning and as thoughts flood by I’m finding it hard not to just grab my iPad notes and start writing. Can I walk and type at the same time? I guess it’s worth a shot after all, I can walk and chew gum. Talented.

As I stroll by a particular house on the block I’m reminded that things can always be worse. Bird feeders that were once full and surrounded by dozens of varieties of these flocking beauties now stand empty and sad. Their caretaker recently committed suicide and nobody has taken over the hobby of birding. Suddenly I’m slapped into reality and realize that things can always be worse or better. After all that is how life goes right?

As I semi master the art of typing and walking I find that sidewalks can only keep my stride straight for so long before I start walking like a drunkin sailor home on leave. I head back to the safety of the rocking chairs on my front porch.

From the comfort of  my porch I’m thinking how I’d love to have a hot cup of coffee in my hand now but I know if I go inside the creative mood will be broken and this story will not be completed.

After listening to IL Divo for at least 45 minutes now, the sun is up between the houses and I really need a cup of coffee, I also notice that there is one trumpet note in the chorus of this song that is off key and I’m finding this quite annoying.  What is wrong with me? How do I pick up on these strange things? I guess the mind of an artist is complex.

day starts

Cats. Coffee. IL Divo. Patents. Lessons. Morning air. Life. ….. my day has started and in perfect timing, UnBreak My Heart perfectly ends as my thoughts have run out for the day.

2 thoughts on “An IL Divo Morning

  1. Donna, I know this is an older post, but as I read it through, I couldn’t help but laughing as it sounds just like how my mind works. Oh, how I can relate on so many levels! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Thanks for the visit Charles! Like I said this is a new blog and you are my first comment, thank you so much. Yes it was strange the morning I wrote this, about a year ago. I decided to go for an innocent morning walk and all these thoughts and emotions start pouring out. That is what this blog is going to be all about – anything and everything that is my life. It’ll get weird and I’m ready to write. Oh by the way, my cate Annie is thriving and is as happy as ever 🙂

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