Learn As Much As You Can to Feed Your Mind, Body and Spirit. It Will Take You a Lifetime.


Daily Downloads are messages, wordings, poems, paragraphs that I get clear out of the blue. I sure would like to know the person who gives me such beautiful words! I have a special book that I use to write in and love going back and rereading what I was given. It’s amazing what you’ll hear when you clear your mind.

Based on the wording I receive, I try to incorporate a colorful graphic such as this one. This blog really isn’t about color but I just can’t help seeing color palettes in everything I do.

Anyway, these words are really beautiful. What’s it mean? Like any poem, it will mean something different to everyone who reads it.

To me it says that there are many teachers in the world and so much to learn. Learn as much as you can to feed your mind, body and Spirit because it will take you a lifetime.

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