I See Your Presence


Here’s another download message I wanted to share with you. Great message and pretty colors too don’t you think?

I love to break down these messages and understand it’s meaning. What do you think “the golden river” is? To me, I don’t think it’s a river at all but actually the sun, like sunbeams. I feel that the sunbeams that we see in the sky can be symbolic of a golden river.

Whenever I happen to spot sunbeams in the sky my thoughts go wild! I think of Angels, people who passed and now are in heaven, people or animals who are about to pass follow up the beams to go to heaven – all kinds of thoughts actually! There you go, “thoughts are always present.”

I see your presence” just means that not only do we feel Spiritual when we see a beautiful sky, sunbeams or even a rainbow but we also “see” it. Those are special images and yes, I know when I see them I get it.

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