Don’t Second Guess Your First Decision


Things happen in life and I start doubting. Should I? Should I not? What if? Can I? Did I make the right decision? For the most part, I’m a very strong minded person – that’s my Fire – always was, always will be.

Recently, since last year when Reiki Master/Teacher Janie Smith​ opened my life to Reiki, has taught me so much in such a ridiculously short amount of time (a year in August). I feel more confident but not from my head, from my Solar Plexus. I feel stronger but not from my body, from my Spirit.

The past few weeks, this week in particular, I’ve made some decisions and I’m sticking to them because my gut tells me to. This morning, I came to realize something clear out of the blue. I also realize that nothing happens “clear out of the blue” because things are meant to be.

A thought, actually more so a realization, has popped into my head this morning and it shocked me but makes total sense. I can’t tell you what it is just yet because it hasn’t happen yet and I want events to play out without me influencing them.

At first I was like “No!!!!!! That’s is NOT going to happen!” But after I thought about it for a few minutes and this thought only came to me about 30 minutes before I wrote this blog, it makes total sense.

Spirit has such an incredible way of giving messages to people, we just need to receptive to these messages and think them out – don’t doubt them, just think them out.

There are other events that happened or will happen and I’m just going to let it. I won’t question past decisions because it’s going to form my future, my bigger plan. I just have to “trust” and take note of how all this feels.

It feels different but change is good. It’s a little scary but that is what life is about, change. If we stay in one spot too long, like a frog on a leaf, we dry out or become prey to our enviorment. We need to stay alert to the change around us and do what is best of us for our survival, our life.

Donna 🌀

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