Gratitude + Balance = Life


Sometimes when an event happens and we get that gut feeling of “uggg, this is not how I wanted this to transpire” in the end, it all works out. Everything is about balance.

You can’t have good without bad, light without dark, happy without sad. For me, it’s only through the experience of what I refer to as “yuk” comes gratefulness.

Sometimes gratitude shows up on form of a new job experience, new friend connections, family events or just a learning based on a life event. You have to go through a few steps, and some of them are rough, before you find your gratitude.

So gratitude just doesn’t show up on our door step and say “ta-da! I’m here!” You have to go through a learning or life experience first and experience the dark before you can enjoy the light of life and be grateful.

Balance + Gratitude = Life

Donna 🌀

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