What Is My Message For Today?


This is a great question to start the day. When you start the day with a question you can spend the day answering it. My question to myself today is, “What is my message for today?” Easy question? Yes but the answer can get complicated.

I have a beautiful set of Oracle Angel cards and asked this very question for myself today. Yesterday was a little emotionally rough for me but I got through with the help of some awesome friends and of course Divine intervention.  We all have good days and bad days, that is what life is all about. It’s how we react to these days which will define us or lead the way in how we behave for the next few days.

Had a bad day? How long does it take for you to get over that “ugg” feeling? I remember many years ago it would take me days, weeks and in some cases, years to get over a grudge. Today, I just let myself feel it for the day, think about it and then let it go. There is no need to harbor any negative feelings or emotions.

Love changes a lot and sometimes it boils down to I love myself and I will not allow myself to be in a toxic situation. It’s just not healthy.

I love the people around me but sometimes a few of them are just not a good fit for me or they just have an bad energy personality that I choose not to feel.

bless you.002

I love myself enough to say to those who are not a healthy fit in my life, “I bless you on your journey” but unfortunately, some of those people just can’t be sent away.

The mind is a very powerful tool. So to make peace with myself I visualize people that need to take a journey and send them walking on a path that I created in my mind. They are here but they are not.

The best part about journey’s is that you can always come home. I love you.

Donna 🌀

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