How Do You Know What You See is Real and Not Just Your Imagination?


It has happened to us all before. You’re going about your day then all of a sudden you see something in your peripheral vision. It was too far out of your sights to see it yet close enough to catch your attention. What was that?

This has happened to me so many times I can’t even count but recently, I’ve learned to pay attention to it and to take it one step further to find out what exactly it was.

Over the last year when I’ve become highly sensitive to my surroundings, there have been various events that have happened that I can’t dismiss any longer but now have learned how to discern them. One of the techniques I’ve learned that helps tremendously is just to ask.

I was sitting in my living room one day watching TV. It wasn’t even night time when “spooky” things happen and imaginations go wild when I saw something from the corner of my eye whiz by. What was that?

  • Was I scared? No. That was good.
  • Was anyone in the house? No. That, not so good because I couldn’t blame it on anyone.
  • Were the cats around? No. That also was not so good because I couldn’t say it was one of my four felines.
  • Was I scared? No and I mentioned this before but this is a really important part of discernmnet.
  • What else can I do to find out what this “thing” was?
  • What did I do?

I asked. I don’t remember if I said it out loud or just asked in my mind but I know I asked, “Are you an Angel?”

The moment the last word was out of my mouth, and that would be “Angel” I heard the word Angel on TV in a sentence. THE SAME EXACT TIME!!!

That my friends is not a coincidence but a confirmation. I just saw an Angel.

Ok, to recap, what did you learn? I’ll outline it for you so it’ll be easy to remember.

  • When you see “things” in the corner of your eyes, it’s not a piece of fuzz or a eye floaty getting in the way. You caught an image of a Spirit or Energy.
  • If you feel safe and not frightened, that also is the presence of a good Spirit. If you felt frightened or uncomfortable, there’s a chance that what you saw or felt did not have your best interest in mind. There are all levels of energy around us and when it’s good, you’ll feel it. When it’s not so good, doesn’t mean it’s Damien it just means that there may be a Spirit passing through that may be a grouchy pants. No need to get the Holy Water out.
  • Ask. Always ask if you have a question.
  • Pay attention. Once you ask, pay attention around you for the answer. It may show up as confirmation on the TV set, a sound, something you see or something you feel. Just pay attention.
  • If the feeling you get is a little icky and you feel frightened, just tell it to go away and send it packing. There’s nothing to be afraid of just remember that you are always in charge and in control.

Remember, there are no coincidences.

Donna 🌀

9 thoughts on “How Do You Know What You See is Real and Not Just Your Imagination?

  1. Wow, Donna. I know I have had experiences that are not coincidences. Sometimes when I need to make an important life decision, I ask for confirmation in the form of a sign, and often something occurs that I also cannot explain away. Good stuff!


    • and that’s how it works Kathy – just ask 🙂
      Thanks for the comment. I hope you bookmark my blog, they’ll be more very informative posts. It’s still under construction so I have a lot more to do on it. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I love it that you’re writing about this Donna. You seem like a rational, sane person (LOL). You lend a sense of validity to people like us. I’ve encountered many people that think of us (ones that believe in the spirit world) as if we’re nuts.

    I have experiences on a regular basis. Partly because I go looking for them but mostly because I’m just open to them and I’m not frightened, just as you weren’t. I’d love to hear more about your experiences. I sometimes write about mine on my blog, but not as a rule. Business you know…

    • I’m so glad I can help you Jaime! That is the point of this blog, to help others and share my experiences. I know the feeling of “crazy” and you’re not. Validity is so comforting when we have experiences that are hard to understand and it’s sure nice to have people around that we can ask. This is new blog – totally separate from my business world of course – but it’s a HUGE part of my life now and it’s time to talk about it.Please bookmark and feel free to ask as many questions as you want.

  3. What a fantastic post, Donna!

    I really like your very practical and common-sense approach to Spirit, with the checklist. That will be very handy for me next time I am wondering who is in the room!

    A funny aside, this made me laugh:
    “Were the cats around? No. That also was not so good because I couldn’t say it was one of my four felines.”

    The first time I saw something out of my peripheral vision, it was a ghost cat! Haha! I was all alone in my parent’s house on a rare occasion when they were out of town. There were real big homebodies.

    Seeing a ghost cat freaked me out because my family has never owned a cat.

    And a strange thing about that, was that back in Italy, in the town where my parents were from, my father’s family had a family nickname everyone in the town called them by, which roughly translates to “they-who-own-cats”.

    So maybe that ghost kitty followed my dad from the Old Country?!

    Aurora 😀

    • Wow!I just spoke about adding my paintings to some of these posts and one of my paintings happen to be called “Ghost Cat”. Well guess I know what my next post will be!

      Thanks Aurora!
      Sipping on Coffee,
      Donna 🌀

  4. Oh wow, I just found this post 🙂 funny thing… I wrote a poem called “cat ghost” in 1998, after losing my 20 year old cat. I came across the poem on my computer yesterday, Dec 12 and found your post about 12/12 this morning. Coincidence? 😉

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