What Do I Need To Work On Today?


Oh don’t you love starting the day asking massive questions like this? Well, it’s how I start my day and it really helps get my thoughts in line for the day. So today’s question is What do I need to work on today?

The yard? Housework? My waistline? Although the answer may be yes to all these questions you know I’m going to dig deeper right? Right 🙂

So I got my Angel cards out and pulled the Loyalty card.

The answer is Loyalty. Like the love of a pet, loyalty will always be there, unconditionally. Our pets will always be loyal to us but are we loyal to ourselves? Made you think didn’t I.


Surprising enough, I pull this card a lot, a lot, a lot. Is someone trying to tell me something? Well yea, if this card keeps coming up.

Am I being loyal to myself? We all have an inner self that we keep inside because of fear. Fear of showing our emotions, feelings or just our selves.

When we are alone with ourselves we are true and loyal to what we feel and want to be. When we are with the public the facade comes up and we are not being loyal, quite fake actually.

Is it time in your life to be loyal to the true you? With your feelings, emotions, gifts? What’s stopping you? Fear?


Being loyal to yourself is scary. What will people think? Will they look at me funny? Will they talk about me? Will I care? Our loyalty to ourselves is always being tested.

Keep in mind that there is only one you and you have good stuff to share with the world. When you are loyal to yourself your inner self will shine and it will feel good.

How am I loyal to myself? Well writing this blog was huge for me. Should I? Will people think I’m weird? The answer is yes and yes.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do, some people will always turn their eyebrows up at you for some reason but that’s THEIR problem not yours. Live your life, you only go around once.

So be loyal to you first! It’s your life.

Donna 🌀

2 thoughts on “What Do I Need To Work On Today?

  1. Donna – what age were you when you realized the gift? I’m asking this question but I already know the answer – all along. unless the gift did show up later in life.

    I look forward to hearing about your experiences. FYI –

    • No you’re right Lynne, pretty much all along. I first noticed it when I was about 10. I was pretty sick with the measles and had a high fever, that’s when gifts s.l.o.w.l.y. starting coming in. As I got older they were more defined. Now, they are so “everyday” at this point I decided to start this blog and start sharing my experience and just be who I am – a colorful soul with a little extra intuition 🙂

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