What Part Of The Compass Feels Right To You?


Starting with West – my favorite part on the compass.

After the day is done, this is what makes my core happy. Facing West, so symbolic of death, the dying of the hours in a day waiting for the arrival of morn. Archangel Gabriel, holds this compass.

EAST: The start of a new day, new thoughts and new beginnings. How wonderful to wake up in the morning and look to the East and set your intentions for the day. Enjoy the healing energy of Archangel Raphael.

North: North is stability, strong connection to the earth after all, it’s symbolizes “up” as in onward and upward perhaps? Feel secure knowing that North is home and family, core goodness and stability. Archangel Uriel holds this compass.

Last but now least, South. It’s power, security and the base of all that protects – here Archangel Michael strongly holds this compass. Face South when you need protection for he is there. South is the Fire element (which is one of my elements) and it’s just pure untamed energy. Feel it when you need that energy and strength to carry through all your ambitions.

Don’t you just love this? Throughout my day, I reflect towards each Archangel and their point of the compass. When I start my day, I look to the sunrise and ask Archangel Raphael for the healing energy from him that I hold close for the day.

Mid day I look towards the North and ask Archangel Uriel to keep my stable in my decisions.

When I feel frustrated or about to make a big decision I face South and ask Archangel Michael for protection and to keep me strong in all that I do. He’s my core, my strength.

At then end of the day I watch the sunset. What a great way to end the day thanking Archangel Gabriel for closing out the day and all it contains. Death of the day I call it but only to be reborn in the morning.

Enjoy your compass!

Donna 🌀

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