What Does It Mean When I Get The Chills?


When I was a little girl and I’d get a sudden chill clear out of the blue someone would always say “oh you just got touched by an Angel!” I’d smile and found comfort in that statement but never really explored or questioned how that statement came about … until recently.

This is one of those statements where I’m going to say that everyone is different and has their own explanation of why they just got the chills. We’ll hear everything from:

  • I have a fever
  • The air conditioning just turned on
  • I’m getting sick
  • The soda I drank was too cold
  • You scared me
  • I’m nervous
  • I was daydreaming

The excuses list can go on and on and on.  When will it stop? When you realize that those chills are a little more than just the wind blowing.

Over the past few months I’ve started building a relationship with my Guides. If you don’t know what or who Guides are yet I will tell you in another blog post. Keep in mind this blog is brand spanking new and I don’t have an archive yet but it’s coming!

Anyway, I’ve made an agreement with my Guides and or Angel Spirits to give me chills for confirmation. In other words, if I ask them a question, they respond by giving me chills. That’s one way how chills work for me.

Another way is when I get chills, I know they are VERY near by – as is right next to me. They do this to let me know they are with me or to let me know that whatever it was I just said in a conversation was the real deal or it was something that they wanted me to say to another person or even to myself.

Something they wanted me to say? Yea that was weird but one of my gifts is to communicate, like a Messenger and I capitalized Messenger because it’s an important title to have when you are receiving information from higher Spirits to give to people. This is another topic that I’ll be covering in another post.

Just yesterday my Husband and I were in the jewelry store picking out an Anniversary ring for me, a special one for our 25th. Well the store was HUGE and there were a TON of people there! How was I going to find the perfect ring with all this commotion going on? By asking and waiting for confirmation which will be the chills.

So there I am in the middle of this crowed store and I close my eyes for just a moment and ask my Guides for help.

“There are a TON of rings here! Please help us find the perfect ring for our Anniversary.”

Won’t you know it that not 10 seconds later, Mr. looked down and said, “How ’bout this one?”

I look down into the jewelry display case and there it was! I knew instantly, just by looking at it, that was the ring … and here comes the chills for confirmation.

I looked at my husband and said, “yes! That’s it!”

I then looked up and said thank you to my Guides. We bough the ring, it feels 100% great and the design is so symbolic. It’s white gold, silver is actually the metal for the 25th but I “settled” for white gold. It is the infinity sign which is perfect for symbolizing the lifetime of our marriage and there’s just a little splash of diamonds, very appropriate for the 25th year. Plus, my Guide picked it out so it can’t be any better than that!


So next time you get the chills, pay attention to the situation. Were you asking a question? Were you thinking about something that required a decision? Pay attention to those chills, they are more than just the wind blowing.

Donna 🌀

10 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When I Get The Chills?

  1. We were told as kids if we had an unexpected shiver that “someone had just walked over your grave” Yucky..
    now I will not fear it but embrace it . Loving this blog Donna a real eye opener.

    • I heard that one too! It’s funny how we assume scary spooky things right away when we see or feel something different. It’s the way the Spirit world communicates with us, through our senses. Next time you get the chills, take notice of how you feel. Do you feel frightened? Threatened? Scared? No, of course not! Chances are you probably giggle just a little because you did a weird shake and all your friends are laughing too! It’s all good. Thanks Julianne!

  2. I am new to acknowledging my gifts. I have been getting chills for years and strange enough, the other night while listening to a clairsentinence podcast I asked aloud “What does getting chills mean?” Three days later I am still getting confirmation on my question. 🙂

    • The chills either confirm or to let you know that you are surrounded by Spirit. I love that you asked out loud. Did you see my post “The Ghost That Helped Me Paint”? Saying things out loud raises vibrations and gets you instant answers. Good for you!

      • You’ll find that all the posts will somehow be related to each other. Now that this blog, that is still under construction, is getting bigger, I can start linking up to my posts. Thanks again!

  3. I know a lot of people who use chills as verifying messages. They always say, “Oh! Amber! I got the chills, I KNOW I was supposed to tell you…blah blah blah.” It’s an easy way to verify – that’s for sure! Love your posts Donna..and your ring! Congrats!

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