Mediums and Flight Attendants: What Do We Have In Common?


I was so excited about this post I couldn’t wait to get home and write about it. I was nudged, well it was more like a push, to tell you how everything is about to change and it has to do with titles.

I was just coming back from the movies, I saw Terminator, it was good if you’re old enough to remember the first one that came out in 1984. Anyway, of course my downloads come anytime and anywhere so there I am in the car, hub is chatting about something, I saw his lips moving but I didn’t hear a word he said.

Then my most wonderful Guides literally shout at me:




That’s crazy stuff right? Well no, not if you’re me. Oh and I’m glad you’re here reading my really new, not even properly organized blog.These messages just don’t wait whether a blog is ready to roll or not. It really doesn’t matter what the blog looks like, it’s the messages that are important. Anyway, I’ll fix the blog in time, back to my point.

So all these downloads are coming in like this:

  • name
  • change
  • Medium
  • no
  • airplanes
  • stewardess
  • flight attendants
  • update
  • names

That’s how my downloads, aka channeling works. Isn’t that amazing? Do you see what’s happening here???

I know many like-mined people who call themselves Mediums, Psychics or Psychics Mediums. These titles never really sat well with me because they just seemed so outdated and come with a perceived notion of being spooky or witchy.

Think about the Psychics you know of:

  • Nostradamus (1503-1566)
  • Sylvia Brown (1936)
  • Elizabeth Baron (1930’s??????)
  • Lorraine Warren (1927)

Oh the list can go on and on but do you see a pattern here? Look at the years these Mediums were born. A long time ago. In other words, we’ve been hearing and using the title “Medium” for a really, really long time.

The airplane. We all know that many years ago we had our lovely Stewardess that helped us board the planes, showed us how to buckle our seat belts and how to use our bottom cushion for a floatation device. They were called “Stewardess” years ago and it was the norm. No one uses that title anymore and it’s almost an insult when you call a Flight Attendant a Stewardess.

It seems so much of the world around us has been renamed from what we call some races, nationalities, lifestyles and so much more. For example, there are no longer any “short” people, they are now “Height Challenged Individuals.”

We even changed “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays”. See? Another name change.

The same thing should happen to the title “Medium”. It’s been around for a long time and that title is in dire need for an update.

When someone says Medium or Psychic Medium right away the eyebrows raise and people have a preconceived opinion of what Mediums do or who they are. They all are witches and have crystal balls. Although I’ve been called a witch many times but clearly out of a different content and I’d so love to own a crystal ball but no, I don’t ride a broom but that would be cool! The connection to this title and who we are should change!

I feel that if we used a different title such as what I’m comfortable with, Spiritual Channel, Intuitive Writer more people will be able to express themselves more freely without being nervous about the labels that go along with the title Medium. I know many of your are just about ready to start a blog but are reluctant because you’ll be labeled as the “Spooky” one if you use Medium. You need to write, you want to write but let’s just bump up our titles into the 21st century. It’s time.

I’ve heard SO MANY TIMES that people can’t come out of their Spiritual closet because they are afraid, or have kids, or their family won’t understand or they don’t want people at work to know and I totally get that. However, if we just change our titles just a bit to something that they’ve never heard before they’re won’t be a preconceived idea of what or who we are. Brilliant right?

Your title will depend on what your gifts are. When I asked my Guides “Who am I?” they gave me a fairly long list:

  • Medium
  • Psychic Medium
  • Psychic
  • Clairvoyant (all the “Clairs”)
  • Angel Intuitive
  • Spirit Communicator
  • Channel
  • Scryer
  • Tarot Card reader
  • Telepathic
  • etc.

There are so many titles and none of these sounded or felt right until they finally chose one for me and where was I? In the shower of all places with nothing to write with. When I heard “Spiritual Channel and Intuitive Writer” I said yes!!! That’s perfect for me!

What would I do? I’d sit down with paper and pen and write down what your gifts are. Go over some titles that you feel comfortable with and ask your Guides for help. Trust me, they will tell you!

So as of today, I’m Donna Frasca, Spiritual Channel, Intuitive Writer. Who are you?

10 thoughts on “Mediums and Flight Attendants: What Do We Have In Common?

  1. The word medium doesn’t bother me personally, but I do see what you mean! Particularly as I’m one of those people who not only hang out in the spiritual closet but chill in the broom closet in particular. Yeah, flying would be cool! 🙂 Anyway, I will do your exercise you suggested, brilliant. Thanks!

  2. I totally agree – sometimes the word medium can give off an antiquated impression. I’ve been thinking it’s time for an update, too. When introducing myself, I almost always say Spiritual Writer, even though I’ve given thousands of readings as a medium. In terms of social acceptance, I’ve found the first title (even though I’m introducing the same ‘me’ each time) elicits a much warmer and friendly response in the collective. Great post!

    • Oh hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by. I so wish you had a comment option on your blog but facebook works well too.

      I was struggling with my title for a while and I had to get this blog rolling so it was time. As an Artist, I wanted something unique that I could call my own. As a “Medium” I wanted to stand out from the rest and be specific to my gifts, Spiritual Channel, Intuitive Writer was born! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. It’s so funny because while this resonates, and I agree that certain titles definitely give people preconceived notions, I struggle with what to call myself. I guess I have a hard time labelling in general? I’m still figuring out my gifts, still figuring out what I am meant to be doing specifically. I’ve certainly started out, and I’ve been giving some Readings, but it’s been indicated to me that there’s more (isn’t there always 😉 ) and so when I’m asked what I do, I draw a blank. Add to that that I’m a work from home/stay at home mama, I studied acting so many people identify me with that, I’m a birth junkie/informal doula/midwife’s assistant part-time, and that just complicates it all further!!!
    Lovely article! And thanks to your Guides for the nudge!

    • What a great comment Laura – thanks! Titles may take a while to develop. Don’t rush into anything until the time is right for you. One day you’ll be at the grocery store or birthing that baby and all of a sudden – ta-da! there it’ll be. Like I always say, need help with something … just ask your Guides. That’s what they’re there for 😇

  4. sometimes I think what small amount of intuitiveness I have, it’s pretty much just a hunch. plus in SF there are sooo many people in the street who are in pain & suffering it’s easy to see.

    Donna, after you realized you were intuitive did you encourage it by reading or communicating with like minded people? I find this a fascinating subject and I know we all have this ability, I’d like to work on it myself.

    I’ve read that life’s language changes all the time to give a more accurate condensed version of something. like the medical field – that terminology changes all the time with new discoveries, etc. I’m glad you found a true to yourself way to tell people who you are. good luck with this blog, I’m fascinated!


    • Thanks so much Lynne,it’s a fascinating subject for sure!

      I guess I’ve always been intrigued but it but it’s been me for my entire life so at this point, I’m quite used to it, the only difference is now I’m sharing my stories which is the purpose of this blog. If I can help just one or two people with questions they’ve had or to validate an experience that it’s worth it. I know that validation is the biggest part of this experience because most of the time one thinks they’re crazy and we’re not.

      I have a nice large circle of like-minded friends and we gather about once a month to learn from each other, chat and just to be. It’s very helpful and just feels good. I do a lot of reading now just for additional information. I find it fascinating too!

  5. Great post Donna… I love the idea of getting a list of names from your guides! Really, there are so many ways to translate the pure love and light of Spirit into words, and there are just as many names to describe the one doing the translating!

    I’ve personally always resonated more with “Channel” than “Medium” but that may be because I deal more with channeling Angel and Ascended Masters than communicating the messages of the deceased, which I see as more inline with Mediumship. And I still get some pretty funny looks from time to time when I tell people I’m a psychic channel.

    But of course, it’s the ego that wants to name things in the first place… Spirit is happy to communicate regardless of how we name ourselves and label the process!

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