When It Comes To The Spirit World, There Are No Coincidences



Did you ever think about something or just say a word in conversation then immediately hear it on TV or the radio? Is that a coincidence? Definitely not.

I remember one afternoon I was sitting in my living room watching TV. I had the whole house to myself,  well, just my four cats and I. Life was good.

So there I am, all comfy on the couch with a cat or two on my lap and the remote in my hand ready to surf away when all of a sudden – SWOOSH! Something just flew by me and I caught it from the corner of my eye. My head turned to the right so fast it almost snapped off.

“What did I just see?”

It was white, fluffy and about four feet off the ground and I definitely saw SOMETHING in my peripheral vision, on my right. I looked around and counted all four cats. I looked behind me to see if maybe one of the kids snuck in and I didn’t know it. It wasn’t the drapery because I saw white and the curtains are red.

“What the heck was it???????”

There are many things to learn about the Spirit world and either you learn it by being lucky enough to have some Spooky friends to ask or the hard way, trial and error. When something weird happens, there are three things that I’ve learned along the way to help me figure things out. I have three observations that I go over and these are pretty high on my list before I come to any conclusions.

  1. If you just saw something and you get a feeling of Divine love, goodness and any other word that I can describe as glorious, then it’s good.
  2. If you just saw something and you get an overall icky feeling or emotions other than love, it’s not good or it’s trying to fool you.
  3. If you don’t know what you just saw – ASK.

It’s really that simple. So, I go over my three’s.

  1. Did I get a glorious feeling from the image that I just saw? Yes.
  2. Did I get a icky feeling or feel scared? No.
  3. Did I ask? Yes.

So there I am in my living room as I just witness a white swoosh go by and right away, I got the feeling of “Angel.” Quicker than a New York second I went through my list. Last but not least on my list is to ask so without hesitation I asked,  “Are you an Angel?”

No sooner did those words leave my lips when the echo of the word “Angel” came from whoever was speaking on TV a split second after I said “Angel”. Out of all the millions of words in the American language, what are the chances of me hearing a word on TV that I JUST SAID?

Slim to none, especially the word Angel.

So what’s this all mean? Was it just a coincidence? Heck no! The odds are just too small for this to be anything else other than a direct connection with an Angel. After they gave me confirmation via the TV, I felt love and my heart just beamed! How lucky am I to have just been visited by an Angel passing through and how lucky am I to be able to see it.

So my friends, when you see something from the corner of your eye, pay attention to it. Remember what it feels like and most importantly, ask what or who it is. You will get an answer.

Donna 🌀








5 thoughts on “When It Comes To The Spirit World, There Are No Coincidences

      • Yeah. There’s not much difference between my spirit friends and my physical friends, just the physical ones have a body and the others don’t. Also, physical people still have small selves so aren’t good at unconditional love and acceptance all the time… but everyone I spend time with in the other world constantly live in perfect acceptance and love, and that is one reason I am so profoundly grateful to walk my journey with them. 🙂

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