Can You Sneak Up On a Medium?



Funny question isn’t it? When you think about it, Mediums are supposed to know or feel what’s going to happen right? So how do you sneak up on a Medium?

Think about this for a moment. Mediums are very sensitive people. Their sense of sight, sound, touch and smell  are very finely tuned but there are other sense that are used to complete the picture. So how are you going to sneak up or surprise a Medium if they can sense that you’re there 10 minutes before you come into the room?

For some, the sense of smell is very sensitive. Let’s say you’re sneaking up on someone who can smell you a mile away – it’s not going to work. Watch that cologne fellas! Oh and your shampoo is a little strong too.

How about sound? I know that my hearing has changed over the last year and I find that volume of the TV, radio and regular conversations are just too loud. So, step lightly because your footsteps are louder than you think. Coins in your pocket are really high pitched. Put it in a change jar 🙂

Do I even need to mention sight? You know Mediums see all kinds of strange things that the regular person doesn’t see oh and the 3rd eye, yes, that is a “seeing” eye too. So being a few rooms away doesn’t matter, three eyes come in handy.

Feelings. Now this is very my favorite one. This of course depends on the Medium but for most, feelings of people or events can be detected hours or days before. I know I was going to an event one evening and just had a rotten feeling hours before and wasn’t sure why. I just kept feeling annoyed, down, unsettled so much that I didn’t want to go to this event.  So, not listening to my feelings I went and it was a mistake. There was a girl there that I really disliked and she ruined my entire evening.  Should I have let myself let her ruin my evening? No but the feeling of crud was just so strong coming from this one chick that I felt it and she was 26 miles away from me. Lesson learned – listen to your feelings – ALWAYS!!!! So to conclude, feelings can be picked up on whether you are miles away or around the corner.

I’d like to talk about one other sense and it’s pressure. I know for myself when something “spooky” (this is my favorite word when I refer to the Spirit world) is about to happen my head and right ear get signaled  right away. It feels like I just went scuba diving, you know that heavy pressure when you dive too deep? So that is also a way of feeling an energy in the area. This pressure is really more so related to the Spirit world and not physical people but that varies from person to person.

Last but not least, temperature. Now this again pertains to the Spirit world and not so much with physical people but it’s still a cool sense to mention. I know I feel temperature changes when Spirits are in a room. It goes from cold to hot to cold again – it just doesn’t make sense but when that happens, pay attention to your other senses and try to find out what’s going on. You know the cold spots they talk about on Ghost Adventures? It’s legit.

So there you have it. Can you sneak up on a Medium? Sure you can but we may have had a little FYI that you are in the area 🙂

Donna  🌀


10 thoughts on “Can You Sneak Up On a Medium?

  1. boy oh boy you certainly cannot get away from your feelings, they might sneak up on you and all of a sudden your feeling a lot of pressure from the inside out. glad I know that those feelings can be breathed thru till they are gone if they are negative, enjoy if they are positive.

    • And a good thing to remember here is to trust your gut – you know the good old Solar Plexus? Go with your gut feeling but sometimes, that’s not always enough. Trust your feelings, think with your senses and ask your Guides for help. With all that back-up, you should be good to go 🙂

  2. I must still be learning, lol. I get startled so easily, even when I know someone is there! Once I asked a spirit guide to make a noise, he moved something in the room and I jumped out of my skin. I mean, I was startled even when I absolutely knew what was going to happen. I also was totally spooked by a physical person standing in the doorway of the restaurant I was going into. Granted I was exhausted and had very little blood shugar at the time. For me, my abilities fluctuate depending on how much sleep, food, exercise, and centeredness I’ve been getting.

  3. What a great title for a post, Donna. And great post!

    It made me imagine lots of people now trying to sneak up on us…hilarious.

    Btw, love the black & white artwork on your posts. Is it your artwork? if so, you are very talented.

    I still get startled too by Spirit sometimes. But that is always a loving Work in Progress. Enjoying the journey so far. 🙂

    • First of all I’d like to thank you for all the lovely comments you’ve been adding to my new blog. It’s nice to know that it resonates and is appreciated by someone who reads it. I know there are many readers because I see the stats everyday but not everyone posts – so thank you!

      Yea this was a funny post because some of my friends love playing games and I just don’t like getting snuck up on so I make sure I’m tuned in all the time to catch those surprises – its doesn’t always work though, like when I have my blow dryer on and hubs comes barreling into the bathroom with a really loud HI!! Peel me off the ceiling!! Wasn’t ready for that one 🙂

      Thanks so much Spirit Friend,
      Donna 🌀

  4. Those cold to hot to cold spots, I thought maybe hot flashes, lol…But after reading your blog I realize this is happening usually during or after a meditation, so maybe not hot flashes after all…

    • The way to find out is to notice what else is different. Does the air seem thicker? Is it harder for you to breathe? What do you feel, beside sweating your ass off, lol. Keep in mind, not everything is spooky. Sometimes a hot flash is just that. Discernment is key here. Thanks Dear Nancy!

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