Today’s Message: Opportunity


The old saying “as one door closes another one opens” is your message for today. There’s always opportunities for the taking but we may not always see them.

Keep your eyes open for your opportunity and take advantage of it. Maybe a new job? Maybe a new hobby? Maybe even a chance to travel somewhere with a friend.

Opportunities can also come in small packages for instance, my opportunity today is time. I have the house to myself to be able to catch up on my office work and the never ending list of “to-do’s” that have to get done. So for me, my opportunity is time and I’ll take it!

Whatever it is, take advance of your opportunity today and make the most of your life.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Message: Opportunity

  1. Good Morning Donna – wow a day of quiet, bet you don’t get that too often, ENJOY! I have to tell you how I admire your diversity. You’re creative in so many different ways, it’s really pretty amazing. Now this gift that goes with and influences your gift, pretty great!

    I have to ask you what sign you are? I’m a Sagittarius, Dec. 11th. Just curious!

    • Thanks so much Lynn! Now more than every I crave days of quite. I often have sensory overload, like today actually, so I really need quote days to think and settle down.

      Creative? Sure am! It’s this gift that fuels all the rest … this is one main reason my virtual designs are so successful. I’m able to tap into the energy field of the client to feel what they want, just like as if they were right in front of me.

      My sign is Cancer, July 14th and I just had my 53rd 🙂

  2. I was struck by the previous “Today’s Message” that you had written and was thinking about what to reply to it, when I read this post, Donna.

    It seems like you were channeling my life! 🙂

    Yesterday I lost my good paying day job that allowed me to spoil myself (and that I truly appreciated for what it provided for in my life) and today I was very happy to be looking at the window that opened when that door shut.

    I feel so relieved and content to be able to get back to my writing again, that truly feeds my soul, since I have all this LOVEly new time to myself now.

    So a big THANK YOU! To you – and to Spirit –
    for confirming what I knew in my heART. That change is GOOD.

    Love & Light,
    Aurora 🙂

    • Well then friend, that post was meant for you!

      When I pull my tiles for the day, it’s not just random as you well know. It’s all set up for a purpose and the right person will see the message that was meant for them.

      Sorry you lost your job but I have a feeling your new window that has just opened, will let all kinds of opportunities in.

      Starting the day with Coffee & Bacon
      Donna 🌀

      • Thanks Donna! I meant to reply back to your post, am catching up with some posts right now.

        I really hope to build my spiritual business into a full-time income and I have a good feeling about doing this right now. So thanks again for your posts that really resonated with me.

        I am busy enjoying the breath of fresh air that has been blowing through this window of new opportunity.

        Aurora 😉 ❤

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