Can Spirit Guides Get In Trouble?


In my book they can. We have to keep in mind that we have total control of our lives and the events that happen in our lives even in the Spirit world. Our Spirit Guides are here to help us and they do but sometimes they need a little talking to just to make sure they are doing what we need them to do.

The other day I was driving to my clients house and I saw “Caution” in my 3rd eye. This was a bit scary since I was on a busy road with lots of traffic so I slowed down and kept alert.

A short time after that I realized that I was going to the wrong clients house (super busy week and I wasn’t paying attention) so I headed back to my home office.

I was a little mad at my Guides for just saying “Caution” when I wanted to hear “Hey ding dong! You’re going to the wrong clients house!”

I know it takes a lot of energy and effort to give messages to me so I thanked them for the heads up but was a bit peeved. I said out loud, “Thanks for the heads up but can you be a little more precise next time?”

Hey, if we’re walking this journey together we better be a tight team and that means good communication just like any relationship.

I wanted to add a little side note here. Sometimes we get messages from other Spirits that are a little naughty and don’d have our best interest in mind. Discernment is probably thee most important word when communicating with Spirits. You can read about discernment on my friends blog post on “Can A Spirit Lie To You?”.

So, we’re good. I said what I had to say and I know they heard me.

As always, I look forward to our next “conversation”.

Donna 🌀

6 thoughts on “Can Spirit Guides Get In Trouble?

  1. Great post, Donna. Well, yes, spirit guides can be mistaken in my opinion. I’ve got a whole team, and have witnessed on several occasions a more experienced guide stepping in for another one both to help me along and show the other guide what I am really needing. For instance, the time I felt terrified and one guide was trying to reason with me to calm me down, my other guide explained to him that I just needed to feel safe and rational thought wouldn’t do any good, and filled me with a quiet light. There was also the time during a challenge with a different guide when I gave permission on something and my guide went ahead with me on it without seeing the whole of the state I was in. I wasn’t ready… I was channeling her at the time and almost kicked her out of my body. 🙂 She immediately helped me through the situation… the next day she actually came to me and appologized and explained that, whether I give permission to go on with an experience or not, it’s her job to literally keep an eye on the truth behind what I am saying, as she can see it, and recognize when I don’t realize that pushing on ahead would do more harm than good. I was very shaken by her need to apologize. But my guide who heads the cohort explained to me later that we are all, including guides, growing and evolving and learning. If guides were perfect in all ways, a relationship would be impossible: imperfection is the birthplace of empathy, acceptance, and compassion. And yes, setting boundaries and developing good communication with guides is essential. My guides encourage me to speak my mind with them, especially when I disagree, to directly state my needs. They always honor and respect my boundaries. If I am saying no purely out of fear of change then they’ll give me space, and eventually when I’m ready we’ll have an in-depth discussion about why they made the suggestion, how it will help me grow, what the picture or analogy they gave me in the first place really meant, I can ask all my questions–we are all heard and base our communication on impeccable honesty and openness with each other. That’s been crucial to understand: it is not just I who needs to be open and honest and allow myself to be totally seen, my guides all do the same, and it is our willingness to mutually be vulnerable and honest which breaks down defenses to change, and allows us all to grow, and unconditionally love one another as a family. They ensure I feel and know I am safe and loved. I would trust them with my life, and I already have, many times.

    • See the thing is Eilis I find that Guides are ALWAYS right and never do wrong or need to apologize. That’s why they are where they are now. I know that there are many levels of “spirits” that help us but discernment is so very crucial in this world. If there is even a little inkling of a red flag feeling from a Guide, I’d question who exactly it is. Now again, everyone is different and I’m sure your team is exactly who you say they are but I know I’ve been tricked before and it’s sometimes VERY challenging to see who exactly is hanging around me. Your team sounds wonderful and if you trust them with your life, they got your back 100% 🙂

      Thanks for all your comments Eilis, I really do appreciate it ❤️

      • Hi Donna, That’s a very good point. Here’s the truth of it: there are different levels of guides. Some are still learning, and can only learn by experience. This particular guide is very much still learning, and being closely supervised by many higher team members. This guide was assigned to me for many reasons, in part because we were sisters in a past life. She often has the role of a deceased loved one, although we were not in the same biological family for the past millennium and more. I’ve always known she is learning so I don’t feel deceived. She served as a protector for a long time, and wished to learn to be a guide more recently.

        Guides never speak falsely, or provide anything less than unconditional love and acceptance. But I think, to be omniscient, a guide must be pretty high up indeed, perhaps an angel or equivalent. But yes, there are a lot of entities who pretend to be what they’re not, and discernment is crucial.

      • Amen to that! Such a fancianting subject but I agree, discernment is #1 on the list of “things you must know” before anything else.

        Thanks Eilis 🙂

    • Discernment is the toughest part of this journey and one that will always be the question mark. However, it’s good to know that we have a √ list to help – it’s a must for me 🙂 Thanks Gail.

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