Time Slips: When The World As You Know It Hiccups For A Brief Second


Time is something we always wish we had more of, seems to go too fast, not fast enough when we’re in school and is something we have a tendency to waste. What happens when we go about our day and something happens to time?

First of all, what is time? According to the dictionary it’s:

“ the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole: travel through space and time | one of the greatest wits of all time.”

Let’s talk about time.

  • Time as we know it can change up a bit. We can have a Deja Vu where it feels like time happened before.
  • We can have time drag where it feels like the day will never end.
  • We can have time go so flippin’ fast that it feels like there were only 5 hours in the day.
  • Times goes by slower on the way to a destination and quicker on the return.
  • We don’t really remember to much of our time when we were kids age 5 and under but remember our teens years fairly well.
  • Our adult time goes by very fast. Seems like our kids were just babies when in fact they are 21 years old right?

Now I’ve noticed that there is one more “type of time” that I am adding to the list and I call it Time Slips.

The best way I can describe my Time Slips is when time feels as if it goes fast forward, like if you’re recording a TV show, then it rewinds and plays forward at regular speed.

I was in my bedroom one day folding laundry, exciting life I know, and watching some lamo TV show. It was just something to watch for 10 minutes while I had the pleasure of sorting socks and trying to figure out how to fold sheets.

There was a scene with some people in conversation, a close up of some dude talking then you see them walk away off camera. Told you it was lamo.

I look down for a few seconds as I was folding away then I look back up at the TV. There was the same close up of the dude talking, same conversation, same bunch of people he was talking to and then the same scene as they walked off camera – EXACTLY THE SAME!

This grabbed my attention because I had JUST saw the is SAME scene about 15 seconds ago – exactly the same but … there was only one unusal difference.

When I put my head down to continue folding the clothes and as I looked up at the TV the space, my room, shuttered. See the picture I have in this post? See the lines in it? Well that is kind of what I saw.

An even better way to describe it is as follows. Ok you people of age who remember VCR’s, think about watching a tape and rewinding it. Remember how jiggly the movie looked as you rewound the tape? That’s how it looked!!!! Like time rewound right before my eyes. That was a Rewind Time Slip.

Now there’s another type of Time Slip. The best way to describe this one is like a Deja Vu.

We all know what a Deja Vu is, it’s when you have a  feeling that a section in time has happened before. You stop in your tracks and take notice that whatever you’re doing or saying “feels like you did it or said it before” – basic Deja Vu right? Right.

Well a Deja Vu I had one day was just a little bit more than the typical Deja Vu. Not only did if feel like I had a conversation before but I SAW the conversation before.

Here’s what happened.

I was sitting on the sofa next to my Husband watching reruns of Miami Vice, yes if you haven’t guessed already I’m an 80’s gal – best time ever to live my youth. Anyway, there was one scene where Tubs and Crockett were fighting with the bad guy and I took notice of the scene because the acting was so very bad – sorry Don Johnson.

I remember looking at the TV show and noting how the moves were so lame and staged and it was just a poorly directly scene. That was it, then I got up off the sofa and went about my day.

Here’s where the Time Slip comes in. The next day I came down the stairs, sat on the OTHER sofa and starting watching TV with my husband.

Miami Vice was on and I just chuckled as I reminisced about the really bad pastel clothes that the men wore in the 80’s. Then the fighting scene came on.

I was a little annoyed because I don’t watch that much TV so when I do, I don’t want to watch something that I saw already.

“Oh not this scene again” I said to hubs.

“What bad acting, even for a lamo fight scene.”

“Can we watch something else? We just saw this yesterday.”

Hubs looked at me and said that he wanted to watch it because we didn’t see it yesterday.

The look of puzzlement was on my face for sure.

“We didn’t see this show, this lamo fight scene yesterday?”

He responded with a strong “no.”

At that point I felt a little odd. I turned to hubs and said, “So you’re telling me that we didn’t watch this particular episode of Miami Vice yesterday, with this really bad acting scene and I didn’t mention anything to you yesterday about this particular fighting scene and how bad it was?” I even described in detail how the scene was going to play out.

His voice seemed to have a little concern in it yet it was a definite NO.

At that point I realized that sometime happened to my time. It didn’t slip but went forward into the future almost 24 hours then back again.

It was similar to a Deja Vu because I felt like I watched that particular episode of Miami Vice before but the only difference is that I DID watch it before but BEFORE I actually watched it.

That was a really cool Time Slip but I guess I should call that type a Time Jump. So there’s time that slips back and time that jumps forward but either way you look at it, time somehow got altered and moved in a way that it shouldn’t.

When time slips or jumps you have to be careful of what you do. Since I only had these two time alterations so far, I am no means an expert on the subject but experienced enough to know that when they do happen, move slowly – if at all – until time catches back up with where it needs to be.

I did notice that both these times, as time was moving, I wasn’t. The first time it slipped I was by my bed folding laundry and was just standing there watching TV.

The second time change, the Time Jump, I as sitting on the sofa. It seems it’s best to just stay still until you get your bearings and until time catches up with you. I don’t know how or why I feel that’s important but it makes sense to me.

So this time stuff is pretty cool don’t you think? Either way, make the most of your time and most importantly, take notice of your time and the time changes.


3 thoughts on “Time Slips: When The World As You Know It Hiccups For A Brief Second

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