Do Trees Have Auras? What Do They Look Like?


I’m so glad that I’ve been blessed with the ability to draw and paint,  it sure helps me visualize some of the things I see.

Come take a look at what trees look like to me.

This is what tree auras look like to me at night. In the daytime, they still have the same color around them but of course the background is a lighter blue so there isn’t a large contrast.

Want to know how to see tree auras? This is what I do:

  • sit outside preferably at dusk when the lighting is soft
  • if you wear glasses, take them off but this step in not necessary
  • blink, blink, blink and relax your eyes
  • look at the top third of the tree.
  • remember to keep your eyes soft, almost like in a daydream
  • you can blink, don’t strain your eyes

You should begin to see an outline by the trees in the color that I have above. Now you may see different colors but that bright blue is what I usually see.

Some trees have a brighter and bigger aura than others. Either they are older trees or just bursting with energy.

Look around your yard and try to see auras on different tree species and take note of your findings.

You may also see white around the trees as well or a fuzzy outline. That is all energy!

Pretty simple right? Sure is! No rocket science here just a relaxed mind, eyes and an open mind is all you need.

Enjoy your colors!

Donna 🌀

10 thoughts on “Do Trees Have Auras? What Do They Look Like?

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  3. Hi. I’m Carmencita and I experienced seeing a tree aura. As I was in my garden one time, I just got a bit dizzy and for a few seconds and saw a burst of purple light coming from the trunk of my avocado tree. It was like an explosion of color, about 5 to 6 inches, from one side of the trunk. It lasted for only a few seconds because I got scared and tried to regain control of my senses. I tried repeating the experience but could no longer do it. What is your advice?

    • Wow – what kind of tree was it? That is quite the experience and I think you so way more than just it’s aura. Good for you – don’t forget to journal about this 🙂

  4. This evening at dusk time I saw the most wonderful colour around a tree I was just gazing at. It was so beautiful and very vivid it was like a purple tone and glowing in and out, very much like your picture..

  5. Cool! It usually looks the exact same to me except it can be in a range of purple, indigo, to blue and some other color can be on the “inside” if you know what I mean. Yet again, most auras I see have two or three colors in them regardless of if it’s a person, animal, or inanimate object.

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