Healing Comes In Many Forms


I pulled a card today and it’s all about healing. Interestingly, Raphael has been making his presence known to me since Friday.

Most of us can use some type of healing. How?

  • if we have a physical pain perhaps from arthritis.
  • if we need emotional healing from past memories that we just can’t shake.
  • if we said something in negative way to someone and knowingly, it upset that other person. You can’t take your words back but you can learn to let go which in itself, is a self heal.

We know the hands have tremendous healing properties especially if you practice Reiki like I do. I know during a Reiki session my hands get hot and I can feel an energy buzz in my hands, especially the palms where there are secondary hand chakras.

Raphael is one of the main Archangels and his place on the compass is East. When I start my day, I like to face East and look forward to a new day with new thoughts that will carry through the rest of the day. I ask for healing energies not only for myself but for other people who are asking or needing healing in the ways I mentioned above.

What color is good for healing?

We all know that the sun feels great when we go outside. After a long winter we long to feel it’s warmth on our bodies because it just, well it just feels so good!

Yellow is a great healing color and it’s also represents our Solar Plexus. Our Solar Plexus is the place in our bodies where our ego lives. Ego a little out of whack? Said or did something that was done out of ego? Concentrate on all that is yellow from what you eat to what you see, like a yellow rose.

Raphael’s color is green, just like the Heart Chakra. Want to boost your Heart Chakra? The same thing goes here, concentrate on all that is green from what you eat and even what you wear.

So turn up your yellow and green, ask Raphael for healing when you start your day and make it a good day!

Donna 🌀

One thought on “Healing Comes In Many Forms

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