The Day I Got Hugged by An Angel


It was just about year ago this summer and I was in a “Meet Your Spirit Guide” class. It was a small class which is always nice – no distractions. This day, forever changed my life.

Everyone had their eyes closed, feet planted on the floor for grounding and you could hear the deep inhales and exhales as many people do while they are in a meditative state.

It was a guided since the class at this point was fairly new to the “meet your Spirit” stuff which is always nice and guided meditations just make it easier to visualize what you’re doing.

As the meditation progressed, I was getting a bit frustrated because I just wasn’t seeing anything which is highly unusual for me since I’m 3rd eye strong – a very visual person.

Black. Blank. Nothing.

“With a deep sigh of

 “I just wasted my money”

and then exhaling.

“I feel like I’m wasting my time”

something strange happened.”

I saw an indigo blue swirl – keep in mind my eyes are closed now – and it was mixing in with lighter blues and darker blues. I remember thinking to myself that this was cool beans to see such pretty swirls of color.

Around the outside of the blue sphere were more shades of blue but they weren’t in a ball, they were just all over the place in no special pattern just swirling and moving like the air would if it had color. (see painting above)

Clear out of nowhere I saw a really, really I mean a really bright light. It was like a  yellow white, or the whitest white you can imagine, towards the bottom part of my vision.

I was in awe of what I was seeing because at that point, I haven’t seen such vivid colors before, not that clear or that saturated.

Then from the sides of my vision, on the left and right of me, I saw something coming in around me, very much like someone was behind me and was about to hug me. I saw a pair of wings, just the tips at that point.

I was like “what the heck is this?” and I felt my head turn to the left and right to see where these wings were coming from.

Now all of this is going on while I’m “meditating” with my eyes closed, listening to the voice of the person guiding the meditation.

As she was saying something like “ok now look around and you should see your Guides …” and her voice just faded away because I was in awe of this amazing movie that was playing before my eyes.

So I’m seeing these wings come from around me and when I tell you that they were the brightest bright white yellow that I’ve seen in my life, and remember that I’m the Color Girl, the colors that I saw in my life didn’t even come close to it. There was not a white white enough. There was not a yellow saturated enough. The colors in the picture above that I painted look like mud compared to what I saw. It was an image of swirling indigo, bright heavenly whites and glitter here and there on the wings. It was breathtaking.

As I’m sitting there in class I feel like I’m watching a never ending series on TV. The wings began to close in on me, and surround me. These wings were hugging me as if an Angel was standing behind  me, holding me close. I saw big, beautiful wings literally wrap around me.

I couldn’t breath, not because I was getting choked but from emotion – incredible, incredible, blissful love. It was warm, loving, happy, glorious and any other adjective I can use to describe this wonderfulness.

I felt my throat knot up, you know right before you’re about to ball. “What’s happening? What’s going on? What do I do?”

Apparently I was the only one who experienced this is the room. I looked around as everyone came out of their meditation and they were like – well like nothing, for lack of better words.

I couldn’t breath and I had to get out of there so I ran to the bathroom and just started crying. They weren’t sad tears but tears of joy and bafflement.

I was embarrassed that I was crying so profusely so I stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes until I composed myself.

Did I just get hugged by an Angel? I know I did because I SAW the wings. I FELT the love and I just KNEW it was an Angel.

I went back to the class an reassured everyone that I was still alive and told my teacher that I just got hugged by and Angel. I described to everyone what I just saw and felt and she said that she only knew of one other person that got an Angel hug and she’s a Medium.

At that point I knew hands down what my path in life was going to be. After all, it’s not everyday that you get hugged by one of God’s Angels.

Now I know many of you may be thinking this is BS but what would I have to gain by making this up? Nothing.

A few days later also in class teacher was talking about validation. When you “see” something or sense a Spirit or Angel near by, how do you know that it’s legit? What signs do you have that you know it’s true and not just something you concocted in your mind?

Well much of the journey that I’m on is not only “seeing” things but also just “knowing” them. Being able to see is Clairvoyance and Claircognizance is clear “knowing”. Among others, those are my two strong “Clairs”.

A few days went by and I was in my backyard just enjoying the birds, garden and just being alone when I saw a vertical wall of glitter. Right then and there I just knew it was an Angel just dropping by to say hi. I remember smiling, knowing that I just saw an Angel. A few minutes later I went in the house and thought nothing of it.

Between the time I received my Angel hug and I saw the glitter wall in my backyard I painted the painting you see on top of this post. I hung the painting up in my office and one day I was just sitting by my computer, admiring it and the story behind it. I was  very much annoyed that I couldn’t get the colors right but that was the best  I could do. So I’m looking and looking and looking at the painting then all of a sudden I just got 100% validation – not that I needed any – that the glitter wall in the yard was an Angel.

I got up out of my chair and looked really close to the painting and noticed that I added little patches of glitter to certain parts of the painting.

Here is a close up shot of my painting where the glitter is. I didn’t even remember that I put the glitter on my painting until a few days later when I was staring at it.

Angel hug, Angel painting, seeing glitter outside, knowing that it was an Angel I saw, seeing glitter on the painting, putting 2 + 2 together and again, that Claircongnizance kicked in and the ah-ha moment hit – this is how Angles communicate to me.


So do I even need to say that this was the most profound moment of my life? It forever changed who I am today and clearly, clearly told me what my path in life is to be.

Being able to see Angels is wonderful in itself but receiving a hug from them is nothing short of a miracle.

Donna 👼

17 thoughts on “The Day I Got Hugged by An Angel

      • Crazy to whom? Not that I’ve ever been called normal, mind, but it sounds wondrously incredibly extraordinarily out of this world, and yes, a perfectly natural experience. 🙂 Is it really so nuts? Just because we don’t have a popular explanation in our culture… people probably say all kinds of things about us. There are two worlds out here, … at least! 🙂 And we’re not separate. We’re all connected, everywhere, everywhen. That’s the mystery and the miracle.

      • So true Eilis, you’re right. I think the people who think it’s odd or nuts just have a hard time understanding how this can happen. This is one of the reason I started writing my blog, to share experiences that are out there for ALL of us to see, feel and experience. Life is truly wonderful, if we open our eyes.

  1. I love your experience Donna. I’m so glad you shared it. I have a taken a class to find my spirit guides as well. It was a very small class, just a handful of people. I too, cried right after the meditation. Such a powerful feeling. I did meet my guide that day. How wonderful to be hugged by an angel! I’m jealous! 😉

    • The only difference Diane is when I saw it, there was not doubt that I was just hugged by an Angel. I literally saw the wings wrap around me. The most amazing feeling and visual ever.

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