Color Is Good for Your Body


Think Chakras here people. Color, and you can find out more about me and my connection with color on my main blog at Decorating by Donna, is very, very powerful.

We use color to heal, to relax and to connect with our chakras. Here’s a list of how certain colors can enhance your chakras. Let’s start from the bottom up.

Red – it’s for the Root chakra. Want to feel grounded? Get those rubies slippers on and start dancing! Not only will you raise your vibration dancing but red is the color of our root chakra. Feeling a little dizzy in the head sometimes? Get your red on and ground yourself.

Orange – it’s for the Sacral chakra. It’s your passion and pleasure section. Go ahead – do what you gotta do to make yourself feel good! Write, color, run, create. Fire up that passion and get your pleasure on!

Yellow – its for the Solar Plexus. Now be careful with this one – it’s where our ego lives. Too much ego in our lives will cause trouble. Get real with yourself, stand your ground and trust how you feel without letting your head get in the way.

Green– This is our Heart chakra. Everything, and I mean everything comes from the heart. Your thoughts, dreams, desires, actions and your life. Think with your heart, not with your head and it’ll be a good life! Throw some pink in there too ❤

Blue – as in sky blue! So pretty. This is our Throat chakra. It’s our communication core. Accept yourself and “speak” your truth. That’s this chakra in a nutshell. Again, if your Heart chakra is ticking well, then you got this one.

Indigo – oh so beautiful! This is the 3rd Eye Chakra or Brow Chakra. Being able to “see” is such a gift. This is my main gift and it’s just wonderful! Can you see your inner and outer worlds? This one can be tricky when out of whack but heavenly when spinning just right. Keep your visions clear and think before you act on what you see because seeing isn’t always believing. Note: Make sure your Solar Plexus is strong – these two chakras work together.

Violet – oh we are high up now in the Crown chakra and it’s connection to Source.  Here you have a deeper meaning of life and form a connection to all this is. It’s big stuff!

So when you’re picking out your clothes for the day, keep your chakras in mind and get your color on.

Colors rule!

Donna 🌀

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