What Happens When Readings Don’t Go As Planned?


Ever go to one of those psychic fairs and that someone did a card reading for you? Or maybe one of your spooky friends had tarot cards and wanted to do a reading for you. Was the reading accurate or completely off the wall?

I’ve had some readings in my life. The first one was a million years ago at a massive group psychic fair and honestly, I felt like a chicken in a chick coup, just like everyone else and only a number to that particular “psychic”.

So I paid a small fee to get read from this spooky lady and here is what she said:

  • you have an incredible light and energy around you (general)
  • you belong in the arts world (everyone loves art)
  • I see a big party for you coming up soon (general)
  • you will marry a man in a uniform (general)
  • you will have two kids (very general)
  • you will travel a lot (so general it’s not funny)
  • you will live upper middle class (no, I strive to be poor, general)

and that was it. Really? That was so general I could have been a spooky lady at this fair and made a lot of money.

So how did this all pan out?

  • I’ve seen my own aura, yea it’s a colorful one
  • Art world? I have a thriving career as a Color Expert
  • Party? I was born to party however, shortly after that I had 200 people at the biggest party of my life – my wedding.
  • Marry a man in uniform? Well just about every man has some type of uniform when they go to work be it a suit or a the browns that the UPS man wears. As far as me? My husbands “uniform” was that of a Sargent in the army which is a very specific uniform.
  • Two kids? Well yes and just about everyone has two kids – still very general on that one.
  • Travel? Ironically, husband’s job is in the airline industry so that was a big yes, travel a lot we did and do.
  • Upper middle class? Well saving is just smart and everyone thrives to live the best financial life that they can so that’s still general as well.

I also had a reading some a few months ago and it really wasn’t anything that I didn’t already know, very general but still nice to hear. Nothing earth shattering, no dead people handing around me, and really nothing that really stuck out.

Why did I go? Because readings are fun and for me, it was nice to have validation on what was going to happen or what already did happen for me – and I’ll do more!

Every now and then I do card readings for friends but mostly for myself. I have a strong connection with the Spirit world which of course includes Angels.

I have a friend over last night and she asked me to pull a card for her. I don’t like to do “cold” readings like this clear out of the blue because there’s no time to properly ground and connect for the reading. It’s a quickie in other words and not always the most accurate.

So I did a quick ground earlier in the day because I had a feeling she’d want me to do a one card reading for her which is fine, it was fun.

She asked a question that she wanted an answer for, I shuffled the cards and pulled one – and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the question she was asking 😳

What did I do? There’s a lot of power in these cards and I trust the pulls 100%.

I’m looking at the card and feeling that there’s a message here – always is – always. So I had to pull another card and it too had absolutely nothing to do with the question she was asking BUT – had EVERYTHING to do with her.

This was a very interesting quickie card reading because Spirit decided to totally ignore her question but apparently answered another question she had about herself but just didn’t tell me.  I figured out the question once I saw the two cards.

It was up to me to see that answer in the cards that I pulled for her. I told her that when Spirit has a message, they will get it to you whichever way they can and won’t always answer what you want but will tell you what you need to hear.

So what were the two cards that were pulled about?

  1. Writing
  2. Animals

Did this work for her? Well let’s just say her career has a lot to do with writing and everything to do with animals.

Was this a good read for her? Absolutely! This was validation that she is on the right career path and probably will be doing very, very well with it now and in the future.

I pulled some other cards for her just flipping around really but the first reading was for her, the rest, just for fun.

So are reading general? Sometimes but readings don’t have to be deep and detailed to get a point across.

Are readings always correct? Well here’s where it get fuzzy for me. That answer depends on who’s doing the reading. Some people just have a better connection that others.

So if you have the opportunity to get a reading either from a friend or professional spook then do it. Listen, take note and just take it with a grain of salt because somewhere down the line, everything will fall into place and it will originate from that reading.

Donna 🔮

6 thoughts on “What Happens When Readings Don’t Go As Planned?

  1. last week I was shoe shopping at Nord Rack – busy trying on really cute Rebecca Something or other. I’ve sat down to try and from around the corner comes a woman who within a couple of seconds, after saying hi to the doggie, starts to read me. it was fun and interesting but I also take this with a grain of salt. she pretty much said some basic stuff like ‘let go’ – well everybody has something to let go of, and that I’ll find love next year. See now that I like!

    • I have a big problem with people who just approach other people, strangers, and read them. I think it’s rude and not professional. That’s like meeting a Gyno in the store and just start giving you a breast exam. It think it’s an invasion of personal and private space and just not cool to do. Also, you got a very basic reading. I think she was just trying to be something she’s not, professional 🙂

  2. I love to get readings myself. I’ve done a few of those psychic fairs, too and am generally disappointed and $20 poorer! I’ve found the best to be the people you hear about through a friend of a friend, yea know? You show up and it’s their house. Yeah, I like those.

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