I Traveled The World While I Slept Last Night

praying-mantisMy dream pattern has been odd lately. It feels like Groundhog Day – the same wake time, 2:30 am and I can’t remember my dreams like I normally do – I literally feel like I’m living the same night every night. The only thing that stuck out the other night was seeing a Praying Mantis – there were a bunch, about four.

So last night I asked my Angels for clarity and boy did it get it. Not only did I celebrate the New Moon last night but I saw some things that felt like it was from a much higher realm. I’ll draw them later and post them here, I need a few hours on my iPad to create them. I also woke at 4:14 instead of 2:30.

Anyway, in my dream I saw all kinds of events. The one that was most disturbing was a plane crash. I was in some building where there were a lot of people, like a hotel. The sky was very dark and stormy and of course there were a lot of people around. The windows in this building were big so I could see a small plane flying out of control and narrowly missing the hotel. It disappeared into the dark gray clouds and crashed somewhere but not sure where. Then I left.

I felt like I was hopping all over the world last night traveling from or state to state. After the plane crash, I saw pleasant things as well with some people I knew. There were parties, sporting events  and even an outdoor movie or concert somewhere as well. All just popping in for a few minutes and then leaving, almost as if to check to see if everyone was ok before moving on. However, I did notice there was some type of urgency in each “visit”. Some were fights and others were just making sure people were safe driving while they got to their destination.

I know my Spirit went traveling last night which is where the Praying Mantis comes in, which means “ restoring life into the dead. “Mantis” is the Greek word for “prophet” or “seer,” a being with spiritual or mystical powers.”

Back tracking the day just a bit before I went to bed, I celebrated the New Moon and set my intentions for that. Today is Day One for me and it was set into motion yesterday. What does this mean? New Moon is to start a new beginning, new friends, new projects, cutting cords, getting rid of anything old and that doesn’t serve you to make sure you make room for all that is new and what you want in your life.

Yesterday I was surfing the web and oddly saw my best friends (from NY), name on the screen. It’s definitely not a typical name which is why it caught my eye. So I sat with myself and realized that this was some type of sign and I had to put my senses in gear and figure it out. It was simple. I felt like I should text her to see if she was ok and I did. After I sent the text “are you ok?” I picked up my quartz and continued setting my intentions for that day and the second I finished my sentence in my mind, I got a text back.

Now this is very strange from this friend of mine because it usually takes days for her to get back to me – she’s a bit challenged in the technology field.

So she sent me this text back all weirded out because she said she literally had the phone in her hand in the process of calling me. We had to talk on the phone for a while to calm her down – I just came out of the spooky closet to her a few weeks ago so she’s still processing. She asked if I read her brain! Gotta love her but, yea – I did.

We had a nice chat and she was also in my dream. She was traveling to a party on Long Island (where we are both from) and I made sure she got there safely.

So where did I go last night?


Donna 🌎

4 thoughts on “I Traveled The World While I Slept Last Night

  1. Ooo I love the word spooky, too! With all that traveling, you should be exhausted! LOL I loved hearing about your dreams. Ask your guides about an animal I’ve been seeing frequently in mine. Or maybe you already know, I see mountain lions often lately. I’m sure it must mean something.

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