Can You Be In Two Places At The Same Time? YES!!!


Is Bilocation possible? I say yes! This sounds crazy doesn’t it? But trust me when I tell you that this is possible – because I did it.

Keep in mind that everything I write in this blog is an experience of mine that I want to share with you. It’s all with the intent of me teaching or having you become aware of things that you may have experienced and would like to know more about.  Come read how I was in two places at one time – this was a first for me!

Last Sunday I was out with my husband enjoying a day out. The weather was nice, it was our day off and we just had the most awesome BBQ in Charlotte.

The restaurant was located on a corner near a fairly busy intersection. We just finished lunch and as we were leaving there was flashing lights from police cars, people all over the place and all kinds of commotion going on. An accident just happened, it looked like some guy either got hit by a car walking or riding a bike because we didn’t hear any loud crashes or see any cars that were crashed. Actually I didn’t really look because my eyes were focussed on a man that was on the ground, holding his head.

There were a few cops standing around the guy on the ground, I assumed to keep an eye on him until the ambulance got there.

The man starts to stand up and he was holding his head and he looked like he was in severe pain.

I stood at the front door of the restaurant and just watched this poor man.

“I got this very strong feeling of wanting to go over there and help him. Strong like your child just fell overboard into a lake and you have to go in after them. It was that strong.”

When I say strong feeling, I mean I was a split second away from running over there but I knew I couldn’t do it without getting the look of crazy from everyone.  I wanted to help him by just standing by him with my hands out – sending him healing energy to him, Reiki. But that would look weird!!!!

So my husband and I started walking to the car which was right down the street. I’m walking but didn’t want to go. I’m walking and didn’t want to leave the scene. I’m walking and didn’t want to leave that man. Nothing else seemed to matter at that time and space except helping that man. I didn’t want to leave the scene … so I didn’t and I did.

My physical body continued to walk to the car. I suddenly went “into my head” and saw a scene take place  – this is hard to explain.

As I got into the car I became quite and felt very disconnected.  We took the side streets back home to avoid the intersection where the accident was.

As we were driving, now this is where it gets weird so stay with me, I SAW myself standing next to the man. I was just standing there without anyone noticing me of course, like I was invisible, like a Guardian Angel.

I held my stance next to this man for about 15 minutes. As I was standing there, people were moving all around us, cars coming and going, I could tell you who was there and what they were wearing but my focus was on the man that was hurt.

So we drove and drove and I remember having minimal words with my husband but for the most part I was just staring out the window and feeling really weird as if I was just coming out of anesthesia.

All of a sudden I felt myself “coming back” like I just awoke from a nap. I was in the car and took a really deep breath and starting getting my thoughts and body back.

I looked at my husband and said “something really weird just happened. I can still see that man on the ground but he’ll be ok. The ambulance came and is taking care of him. I see the tech put an IV into his arm. He’s going t be ok.”

As soon as the ET did that, I started disconnecting. I knew he’d be ok and the he was in good hands. Then my Spirit left the scene and fully returned to my physical body in the car.

What the heck just happened?????? I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Was I in two places at the same time? I’d bet my life on it, YES.

How did this happen? These are my thoughts.

When I saw the man on the ground hurt, I wanted to help. That’s called compassion and has to do with the heart, love. To have such compassion for a total stranger is not a normal occurrence for the physical body however, it’s perfectly normal for the Spiritual self.

When I wanted to stay and help that man but knew I had to leave, my Spirit left my body and did what I truly wanted to do but wasn’t physically able to. My will to help this guy was so strong, my Spirit just did want I wanted to do and helped the man.

You know we all have Guardian Angels around right? I truly believe I was a Guardian Angel to this man. Just think of the possibilities if we can master this type of inter-dimensional travel. The mind is a powerful tool but our Spirits are stronger. Put the two together and the possibilities are endless.

From my world to yours,

Donna 🌎


5 thoughts on “Can You Be In Two Places At The Same Time? YES!!!

  1. I’ve had some similar experiences but if they were an out of body type experience I don’t remember the out of body part. I describe the physical part as “feeling flat” and I’ve had that sensation of coming back to myself. For some reason this reminds me of something odd (that’s a relative word isn’t it). We are moving to a new city on a very old lake. One day when we were out there and my fiance told me “you can go anywhere from here”, I asked him what the heck that meant and he said he didn’t know. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    • You bring up some good points Annette. The major difference with this experience is that the part of me that was still at the accident was the stronger “me” meaning I was viewing the scene like I was there. The “me” in the car was just a shell for those moments. Thanks for commenting and I hope you’re enjoying that lake 😉

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