When Does Clairvoyance Come In Handy?


I love writing about Clairvoyance because it’s my strongest gift. That extra eye sure comes in handy sometimes!

All the Clairs are wonderful gifts but the thing about these gifts is that you can’t always shut them off. I’ve heard some of my other Spooky friends say “well you can turn it off for the day or at least turn it down” which is true – if it gets too overwhelming.

If it comes to the point where I go out in a crowd and get bombarded with images then of course, yes it will get turned down but I see it this way. If I was given a gift to see, feel or hear (simply put, those are the “Clairs”) then let it be. I know that I’m not a fan of crowds because it’s just too much of a sensory overload for me (the Clairs) but they are there for a reason.

So when does Clairvoyance come in handy? Everyday.

  • When I drive, I have seen warnings.
  • When I ask a question (in my head) I see images that are the answers.
  • When I dream or just rest my eyes, I see family that are no longer alive.
  • When I lose things, I’m shown where they are.
  • When I’m looking for something to paint, images are shown to me for suggestions.
  • The day I stopped in the middle of the street when driving because I “saw” two deer crossing before they actually did.
  • The day I “saw ” a dog go to cross the highway before it did so I knew to slow down.
  • The day I “saw” a red car race through a busy intersection that I was about to cross – before it happened.
  • The day I “saw” my cat climb up a ladder and was about to jump into the ceiling rafters – we would have never found her.  I caught her on the top rung.

And this list goes on and on. But can you see how this gift can come in handy?

Combine Clairvoyance with the other Clairs and you get quite the full experience. The thing is to know or feel (yes those are two Clairs) what you are experiencing is real and not just in your imagination.

Donna 👀

4 thoughts on “When Does Clairvoyance Come In Handy?

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