Symbols: What Do All These Images Mean?


When we dream, we see water, houses, boats, trees, teeth falling out, toilet bowls, big waves, bridges, newspapers. These are all symbols. Put them together and they tell a story but how so we decipher the meaning of these symbols?

There are dream books but I’m really not a fan of those. Dream books can put you in the right area of what a symbol in a dream “may” mean but that is just a starting point.

Dreams, or readings, are like movies. You can dream about a beautiful house which means one thing but is the house clean or dirty? Old or new? Big or small? See what I mean? You really have to LOOK at everything in the dream to see what’s in it then think about what that means to you.

Dream or card reading interpretation is tricky stuff. They say that when you have a dream about your teeth falling out that means you’re loosing friends? Really?

Let’s say you dream about boats. Boats can mean serenity and relaxing on a lake. It can be symbolic of being stranded in the middle of a lake or it can mean that love is in the air if two people are in that boat together. It can also mean a way of getting from one place to another. It can mean that something in your life if about to transition or move from one place to another. Is the water under the boat calm? Swampy? Clear? See how you have to look at the entire dream before you can just say “oh when you dream about boats it means …”

The other day I was going to do a card reading for a friend and I asked my Guides to please give me the information that I needed for this reading. Now I was just taking a rest a few hours before they came over to my house so I was just chilling with my eyes closed on my bed. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t meditating – just thinking and asking for guidance.

A split second later I “see” someone (my Guides?) place a stack of newspapers in front on my virtual front door (this is Clairvoyance and the images are like a movie in my head). That was all I needed and it all took place in about three seconds. Talk about asking and receiving right?

So what does this mean?

Well to me, it’s very clear. My Guides just gave me all the information (newspapers) that I needed for the reading later that night. Did I know what it was yet? No but the second I saw those newspapers, I knew at that moment I had all the information that I needed for the reading later that night with no doubt in my mind. 110% sure. I mean come on, when you see an Angel deliver newspapers to your front door – how can you NOT trust that?

So later that night I had three friends over. I didn’t know who was going to get a reading first or how it was going to take place but I knew that I had all the information I needed but was waiting for my Guides to show it to me in the form of symbols.

During the night someone said, “let’s do some readings” and that was my cue to start but still had no idea what to say – until – images or symbols, appeared in my 3rd eye.

The first image to appear was a bridge. Keep in mind that there were three people there but somehow I knew who that bridge was for. I then directed my attention to that person and started chatting with her.

Now bridges can mean so many things. How do we figure out what it means? By speaking out loud and asking in my head.


Ok, there’s the bridge let’s talk about what it means:

  • crossing over
  • going from one side to the other
  • left to right
  • traveling from one place to the other
  • yes or no
  • hot or cold
  • opposites
  • over here over there

These are all wordings that were going through my head. Then I saw her standing in the middle of the bridge. That’s a little clearer. Now it means:

  • decision time
  • move forward or stay back
  • or give up and jump off the bridge

This is a very clear reading to me. This particular friend had a decision to make about moving from one place to another. She was in the middle and not sure if she should move forward or go back.

All this took place in about 2-3 minutes. I’m a very to. the. point. person and don’t like to beat around the bush when I have something to say, I say it. My Guides know that so they give me very precise information, it’s what I call “stuff without the fluff.”

After speaking with her, I learned that a decision had to be made by her and it involved moving from one state to another. Do you want to go? Do you want to stay? Now is the time to make that choice. You are in the middle of the bridge (which represents a decision) and you either have to go over the bridge (make the move to the other state) or turn around on the bridge and go back where you started (no move at this time.)

Cards are a big part of readings. Do I like using cards? Let just say I prefer to use the images that I see first but cards  are a nice tool to use to clarify or confirm.

So I pulled one card from my Angel Chatter deck and look what it was! Movement.


It doesn’t get any clearer than this!!!!!!!

So I spoke with her and find out that she was in the midst of deciding if she should or wants to move to another state. I was giving her the information to tell her that and also letting her know the importance of that decision in her life right now.

I just think it’s really cool that Spirit wanted her to know that information after all, any symbol could have popped up but the one that was most import in her life at this time, was very clear.

Donna 👍

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