Do We Need To Protect Ourselves Everyday?

spiritual-tetnaus-shotLast night I was in a tiff with myself about having to protect, ground and be on guard everyday just in case some ugly energy or Spirit comes by. I’m thinking, this is no way to start the day with negative thoughts of “oh it’s a new day, time to protect myself!” I just don’t like that feeling and honestly, it brings my vibration down.

I can’t be in the place I need to be if I’m dwelling on protecting, saying prayers every night before bed so the boogie man doesn’t come get me and makes sure my shield doesn’t have any cracks in it – fear, fear, fear!!!

NO. I’m not doing this.

Yesterday, after chatting with my wonderful like-minded friends in a closed group on Facebook I’ve come to a good compromise.

For me, I found a solution that I feel comfortable with so I can continue my path.

I can’t move forward and to a frequency that I strive for if I keep dwelling on negative fears. I know in the Spiritual world you HAVE to protect, ground, pray and do everything and anything possible to make sure that  you are surrounded by only people, Spirits and Energies that have your best interest in mind. That’s a given.

I came up with a solution. What is it? It’s a Spiritual Tetanus shot. What is that you say? It’s a virtual shot that contains all that I need to ground, protect myself and like the Tetanus shot, it’s good for the next five years. Now I feel good that I’m covered instead of dwelling on this fear everyday.

After thinking about this last night and during my morning walk, I realized that all comes from within the heart.

Before waking I will say my prayers for the day. Archangel Michael is always with me because I asked him to stand guard a long time ago and he’s there until I release him so there’s no need to do this everyday. However, if I feel something is off, I’ll call in both him and Uriel for backup. I also have Zuriel standing guard on all windows and doorways of my home (I’ve had naughties come into my home a few times) so he’s there until I release him. No need to do this EVERYDAY.

 As far as protection, no need to do this everyday either because I always walk in light and love and am always protected by Father and my Angels. Again, like calling in my AA Mike, if and only IF I feel something is around that is naughty, I visualize my shield to be brighter, stronger and the most gorgeous bright light imaginable. This is done is just seconds.

 What’s happening here is a mindset. I no longer want or can dwell on things that MIGHT happen. Just thinking like this lowers my vibration and I can’t move forward. I’m done.

I pulled three cards for myself (from separate decks) and it was a great message.

First card was PAMPER from Archangel Chameul from my Angel Chatter cards. The card said to take time to replenish your mind, body and soul. This tells me to THINK about what feels good to me and do it. No need to worry about what needs to or should be done. Do what feels good to me. Pampering is all about what feels good whether it’s a massage or something special that we do for ourselves in any form.

The second card was from a regular deck of playing cards and it was the 10 of hearts. 10 breaks down to 1 which mean ME, as in I. Hearts of course is love, emotions and feeling. Love yourself! Pamper yourself. See how these two just tied in?

 Now the third card was from my Oracle of Angels card and it was Archangel Chamuel and it was the card of UNDERSTANDING. I heard, “do you understand what you need to do?” Heck yea! Well to me, these messages are loud and clear.

That was a great reading for myself today and really put my mind at ease about all this wonky stuff that can make my head spin.

  • So do what YOU need to do.
  • Do what feels right for YOU not anyone else.
  • Don’t concern yourself with what and how other people do things.
  • YOU are in charge of YOU and must do what is right for where you need to go and how you need to grow.

I feel lighter, happier and already feel a TON of weight off my shoulder which will only make flying easier 😉


5 thoughts on “Do We Need To Protect Ourselves Everyday?

  1. Donna, Thank-you for this piece you wrote. I love the idea of your “tetnus shot.” I go Through a similar ritual protecting myself. Now I can use the five year plan. 😇

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  2. Donna, I love, love, love this post! Thank you for writing this. You’ve put into words something I have increasingly also felt uneasy about, and was coming to a similar conclusion on. Two and a half years ago, when I met my ancient family, they promised to protect and guide me; I promised to remember them in all that I do. I started saying a lot of protection prayers lately because this is what others were doing. I thought that perhaps I hadn’t been doing something right beforehand, and maybe we would all need the prayers to make things safer. But I could feel none of us were entirely comfortable with this. Two nights ago one of my guides appeared and stopped me in the middle of it. He said, we are always here protecting you. When you pray for protection, you are coming from a sense of lack, that you feel you might not be protected, and need to ask. It is not the asking that protects you, but your trust in yourself, and trust in our commitment to stand by you. You don’t need to ask. Our commitment to you is unconditional. We would not abandon you for any reason. Reaching for something already there is another form of doubting what you already know is true, this lowers your vibration, and eventually that could in itself work against you because you are giving fear more power than love. So I have stopped overly protecting myself; like you I shield or do something extra if something is very off, or I’m somewhere that is very triggering for me like a large crowd or around difficult family members. Love and trust with the ones I walk my journey with is far stronger than its opposite, which is born from a world of fearing scarcity and not enough. Hugs.

    • See! We’ve been overprotecting which is silly! We are always protected and it’s our insecurities and weaknesses that make us feel we have to protect, protect and protect. We now all have the Spiritual Tetanus shot and we are good for 5 years – boosters when needed. I feel for myself, I’ve just unblocked a whole lot of gunk. Now I can move on. Thank you dear Elis!!!!! xoxoxo

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