The New Moon Means New Beginnings


Are you ready for the New Moon tonight? Come read a little about the hoopla about this moon and what you can do to prepare.

The new moon is a good time to set your intentions for new beginnings. It’s a good time to let go of the old and bring in the new, like a new year.

  • It can be simple things like learning a new skill or craft.
  • Starting a new and healthier lifestyle.
  • Adding to your circle of friends.
  • Doing something new for yourself on a personal level.
  • Go through that Bucket List you have.
  • Look for a new job if you don’t like your present one.

How do you go about doing all this? I’m a very “get to the point” person. I don’t like to say 1000 words when I can make my point in 500. Sometimes it’s important to really go in detail but for today, let’s keep it simple.


Everyone has their own way and ritual of starting their new beginning. Some people are going to whip out all the crystals, candles and incense and do it up big which is wonderful. However, keep in mind, you don’t have to be that fancy.

On other new moons I absolutely went through all the hoops and had a wonderful experience of the new moon and do highly recommend it at one point, to do that but for today, let’s try this.

“First things first, it’s all about intentions. What you have in your mind is all that counts.”

WRITE – I like to write things down because once you start writing, you may find that it sparks some other thoughts or ideas that you may not have thought of yet. So get your pen and paper and just write down what you want even if it’s silly and off the wall like visiting Egypt. Just write everything down.

CRYSTALS – If there is just one crystal to have it’s the clear quartz like I have in the photograph above. It is VERY powerful. And like I said, it’s all about intentions. Don’t have a crystal? Go to the internet and print out a picture of one. It’s what’s in your mind that is important. Look at the picture of the crystal and say to yourself, “this crystal will assist me in setting my intentions for today.” Done. That is all you have to do. Seriously.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – this is a given. Just like the one crystal to have, this is the one Angel to think of as well. Think of this Angel of Protection for everything in your life. He’s there anyway so just acknowledge that he’s there and thank him and ask for his continued guidance.

TIME – now take a little time to think about what you want to do for YOUR new beginning. A few minutes is fine. If you have more time, better yet but that doesn’t mean “it’s not going to work” if you only have 10 minutes to spare.

Feel good? Sure! You’re excited about starting new and you should be! Go forward with your life. Let the things that you don’t want or don’t like in your life go – it’s not yours anymore. You have new intentions today because today, is YOUR new beginning.

Now take that piece of paper that you wrote your notes down and burn it tonight. Go outside tonight in the new moon and light it up. As the paper burns your intentions go into the Universe.

See? It’s all about setting your intentions the way YOU want to and on YOUR level. It’s all right, it’s all good and it’s all noticed.

Donna 🌕

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