Did You Find Your Magic Yet? What’s In A Spell.


What are “spells” really all about? They sound scary and much like the hocus pocus that  you’d see on Harry Potter movies right? Well let’s find out more about these little poems with all the power.

Oh magic wand, oh magic wand, 

please show me a sign.

I would like to find a ____________

And make it mine all mine!

Sounds like a simple poem right? Well it is and I wrote it the time it took me to type it. What is it? Well it’s a fusion of words that rhyme and tell a story – exactly like a poem.

And a poem it is really. Isn’t this cute? All you have to do is add a word where the blank is and call it your own.

When we think about spells, we often think of bad mojo or the freaky stuff you’d see on the show Charmed where the three witchy sisters are putting spells on the bad guys or trying to aid them in some freakish ceremony that hopefully has a good outcome. It’s all silly stuff in our imaginations.

Spells or poems are really just no more than setting you intentions but doing it creatively in the form of a poem. I happen to love to write poems and keep in mind, the words don’t aways have to rhyme. It’s more so about gather words together to form a topic of interest.

That’s really it. So if you want to set your intentions for the day,  write away! You may be surprise how beautiful the words may be.

Dear friends of mine I love you here,

To read my words that I keep so near!


Donna 📝

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