Today’s Message: Manifest


Good morning Angels! I wanted to talk about today’s card – Manifest.

Gabriel tells us that inspiration is the source of all manifestation. Since it’s Monday, let’s call today Manifestation Monday!

Gabriel’s name meaning “God is My Strength” is the empowerment that gives you the strength to go for it and take from the Universe what is yours.

Call in Gabriel today to help you gain strength to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires and ask,

“why is it so easy for me to

see my desires and

call them my own?”

Start the week off with that great mantra and watch it all unfold this week!

Donna 👀

2 thoughts on “Today’s Message: Manifest

  1. hi donna,

    I ran into this symbol and you have it posted with ArchAngel Gabriel’s name on it,

    I would like to confirm what does this mean?

    because it doesn’t spell Gabriel, no matter how you look at it.

    This is important, Please elaborate, please be precise.

    I fine if it isnt, i just dont want to walk around thinking it is,

    i am a artist and this heavy effects me, the message it great,

    just dont like inaccuracy.

    Thank you

    • Ken, according to the person who channeled the cards, this symbol means the following:

      “The symbol starts high and then digs deep to only rise again. Going deep into the psych can be a daunting experience, only when you allow it to be so. However, you can enjoy the process more by knowing ahead of time that by going deeper only unveils the true essence of your and therefore unleashes the creative juices that can and will affect all areas of your life.”

      Gabriel is the Angel who oversees your Sacral Chakra which his the creativity and sensual center of your body.

      I hope this helps Ken 🙂

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