What Does Being Clairvoyant and a Detective have in Common?


A lot. I just bought a new chair for my office and it’s so comfortable that I claimed it to be my new meditation spot. I meditate in my office anyway but now I have an official chair.

So I close my eyes and see black. Then I see a small white hand giving me the thumbs up. A second later that hand points to the right which is in the direction of my only window in the room.

I’m looking out the window still seated in my chair and ask “ok, now what? What do you want me to see?” I got nothing.

I leave my office and go about my chores one of which was filling up the bird feeder. “Oh what a beautiful day it is outside!” I say to myself and then and there I get a big wing slap on the head and hear “that’s what I was pointing too! Shut your computer off and go outside.”

So without further adieu and all work can wait, I’m unplugging and going out. Detective Donna has figured out this message loud and clear 🙂