What Are YOUR New Beginnings?

Angel-messages-Raphael-new beginnings.001

Archangel Raphael is representative of healing. Not necessarily physical healing, it can be emotional healing as well.

What do you want to start new?

  • like new beginnings
  • new jobs, a new lifestyle
  • a new healthy you
  • new way of living thinking
  • a new job
  • a new marriage
  • a new hobby
  • new clothes or decor for your home
  • a new wall color? (try green)
  • something totally new out of your comfort zone

She is symbolizes East on the compass. Isn’t it a coincidence that as the sun rises, that starts a “new” day? Mornings are the perfect time to face East and call in Archangel Raphael for help with your new beginnings.

What is your “new” today?

Donna 🌟

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