How To Be 110% Sure The Message is From Angels


Back in the day I was told that I didn’t have a “pause” button. I just said the first thing that came to mind and spit it out in a New York second.

Today, I not only have a pause button but I don’t say, type or write ANYTHING until I feel that I’m 110% sure of the information. 

Most of the articles in this blog come from my personal experiences so they are 100% legit. No problem there.

Some of these posts are channels which means they are not my words but words that  come from Angels. Now those words, I sift through and make sure that when I hear/see them, it’s coming from them and not me. If you pay attention to the writings here you can see a speech and grammar difference from the two sources.

Today, there were a two people on social media who sent me private messages with a question or two, and I answered them. What was cool was that about 2-3 minutes before I got the text, I got the shoulder tap saying that information was about to come in.

I’m in my room folding clothes, watching TV and playing with cats – just goofing off really, until things changed.


I felt a little weird, kinda heavy and feeling a bit nauseous. The air sounded funny so I shut the TV off so I could hear what was going on, oh and I was the only one in the house.

As I walked around the top floor of my house I felt some cool spots so I shut the ceiling fan off and retested the air. Same.

I then walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth because I just felt, really I don’t know but I just walked in the bathroom.

Already sensing that something was around I said my usual wording “only Spirits that have my best interest in mind are allowed to come near me, the rest hit the road.” The air stayed the same. The weird feeling stayed the same.

The light in my bathroom flickered and popped. Thank you Spirit for taking that energy to get my attention, can you fix my bulb now?

So now I’m on alert and 110% sure that an energy was around. Other than what I mentioned above, I felt good and safe.

With my antenna up I start receiving words, fibromyalgia was one. I saw it in my 3rd eye (Clairvoyance). I started to get a few physical symptoms of various health issues but didn’t panic because I know they weren’t mine. I’m healthy and people just don’t get sick symptoms like that in 5 minutes.

Then in come two texts, from separate people but at the same time. There it was, someone was reaching out to me and I was just downloaded information to tell them but I didn’t know what the questions were yet.

After reading the first text, I just typed, typed and typed away and answered her health related questions, one of which oddly enough, had to do with fibromyalgia.

Was I 110% sure those were channeled words and information? Yes. How? It’s just a “knowing” – and that is another Clair by they way, Claircognizance. Also, when I type a message really fast and without typos – that is so not me!!! Lol.

So there you go. Between the signs, the way I felt, the bulb popping and the words I saw in my mind, that’s how I knew it was Divine intervention and I’m 110% sure of that.

Donna 100% + 10% = 110%

9 thoughts on “How To Be 110% Sure The Message is From Angels

  1. ‘the air sounded funny’ – I’ve done the same thing, turned everything off trying to find the source! unfortunately there is a constant around the city with construction. it’s been seismically proved the entire city is vibrating.

  2. Gotta love that claircognizance! Usually I can’t even write fast enough to catch up with those lightning fast downloads. lol

    Great story about your experience. I really liked the methods you use to test where the source comes from. Great practical advice for the spooky stuff.

    Awesome possum sauce,
    Aurora 🙂

    • Of course it’s different for everyone depending on your gifts but from what I myself feel and from what I observe from reliable Mediums, these are the signs to notice. You’re so welcome, I’d love to hear some of your experiences too!

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