Dealing With Fake Mediums

frightToday, I had the crappy experience of speaking with a fake Medium on the phone. There were red flags up all over the place during our phone conversation and it just made my hair stand up.

Why do people do this? The funny thing is she knew who she was talking to. Didn’t she know I was going to pick up that she was so heading in the wrong direction?

What was the dead give away?

  • She didn’t put Angels first.
  • She mentioned Angles but in passing.
  • She kept talking about the dark in people.
  • She heard what she wanted to hear but twisted it.
  • The phone conversation was 90% about her.
  • She was talking about details for “readings” she did for other people.
  • She name dropped galore.
  • She wanted to “read me” yet she admitted to reading this entire blog. Cheating.
  • … oh the list goes on and on but it gets complicated on a Spooky level.

I do have to say that my Spirit team had my back BIG time. They were screaming in my ear “no good. End the conversation.” So I did.

The point is, keep an eye out for fakes or for people who don’t have YOUR best interest in mind. Listen to your gut. Do you get a weird vibe from this person? A weird vibration or energy? Let them go. It’s for a reason.

I forgive her because she is just learning her path. Instead of learning from outward sources she should listen to her heart. You can take all the classes in the world but if you don’t walk and live in Light and Love, it ain’t gonna work.

Need help finding a legit Medium? Here’s a great article for you to read.

It’s been a day but a good day because I, and now hopefully you, am one day wiser.

Donna 🚫

3 thoughts on “Dealing With Fake Mediums

  1. I’m so sorry that happened to you, Donna! It’s wonderful that your guides had your back on this and helped you see the lesson in it and grow through it, be a day wiser, as you say. Keep shining!

    • I actually loved that this happened because is confirms that I was 110% right BUT only going through the check list to make sure. No quick judgements when it comes to this stuff. It’s like being a Detective.

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