Life’s Lessons Are All About Those Baby Steps

baby-stepsWhen I use the term “spooky” that just symbolizes all those magical and unexplainable things – good things that happen in my world. It’s just my word. This past week, a lot of spooky happened and everytime it does, a lesson is learned. I have some of the best teachers!

In reference to my past post, Slow and Steady Wins The Race, everything happens to us for a reason and in the timeframe that is best suited for us. Kinda like that saying “God only gives you what you can handle” type thing.

I know many of us want things done yesterday and quickly right? Sure. You try to cram in all the life you can in 24 hours and that’s fine, but draining.

This week, there was a lot a spooky happened to me – and I’m ok with that because that’s my life. I posted How To Be 110% Sure The Message Is From Angels and the post I referenced above. If you’ve read those two posts, they contain really big lessons – two big lessons in one week – that’s a lot! Please reread those posts and see if you can see the lesson in those readings.

Last night before I went to bed, I processed all the spooky that happened to me in the week. I’m going to try really hard to journal everything here in this blog so it’s a physical reference for me to review and hopefully a learning venue for you.

I have a deck of Oracle cards that I just love and use every day – several times a day. Last night before I went to bed I took my cards out, gave them a light shuffle and just wanted to have a short conversation with my Angels about the events that took place this week. I wanted to thank them also for all the lessons and support that they provided for me to live and learn from.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. “Talk to me Angels.” A series of cards, I only pulled about 6, were drawn and each one was like having a real conversation from them. I’m going to list the cards that were pulled in the correct order. This is very similar to the 12 Cards of Convo I posted about a while back. The Angels gave me the idea for that one too!

Self Love from Archangel Chamuel. She’s all about the heart and self love. Not like “I’m going to the spa because I love myself” but just living your life because you deserve love and you deserve all that you desire. I guess you can throw a spa day in there too 🙂

Grounding from Archangel – this is a very important step in life. Get those roots planted deeply into the ground and you’ll have a nice strong foundation.

Write by Metatron – I can’t tell you how many times this card comes up for me. Writing these life lessons down in this blog and other like-minded facebook groups is clearly my path. I love it as well. Am I the best writer? No, but I don’t have to be.

Not Yet by Archangel Gabriel – because I asked “When, when and when?” This goes back to my post, Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Life is all about timing, good things come to those who wait right?

The Truth by Archangel Haniel – now she’s another Angel that connects with the heart. If there is one life lesson to be learned it’s to live and think from the heart, not the head. Really super, duper important.

Timing by Archangel Zadkeil – and again, do you see a pattern here about timing? They are just echoing how very important timing is. You all know that, being in the right place at the right time scenario?  Life and life’s lessons are given to us in small increments so we can learn from them and absorb what we need to know. If we don’t learn the lessons that we need to in this life, guess what? We’re coming back in another life and doing it all over again.

So at this point I pulled 6 Angel cards and clearly got the message from this Angel conversation. Wasn’t that awesome? It was just like I spoke with a friend who I was seeking advice from. Like any conversation that I would have talking about personally experiences, I say thank you. Guess what the very last card was that I pulled?

Thank You by Archangel Uriel.


2 thoughts on “Life’s Lessons Are All About Those Baby Steps

  1. I’ve been getting similar messages (when I do automatic writing) from the angels. It’s comforting to have the love of the Goddess and the angels. They take care of us every moment of the day.

    • I love automatic writing! They send some of the most beautiful messages. You can feel the love in those writings can’t you. That’s how you know where your information is coming from.

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