How You Can Tell When A Passed Relative is With You

It happens quick and you may not pick up on it but if you ssslooooowwww down and take notice of your surroundings, you’ll find that many times, you are not alone.

I’m walking around in Target this morning stocking up on art supplies because of all things, I’m painting Angels today.

I guess since I was in an Angel frame of mind, it was a good time for someone to pop in and that someone was my Grandmother.

I had pink on my mind for some reason and I was also thinking about my pink heart shaped rose quartz which I love. That lead me to thinking about my heart chakra and how important it is on our life’s journey, after all, life is all about love right?

As I was walking through the baby department to get to the art supplies I bumped into this super cute pink coat. I stopped in my tracks to look at it, feel it and of course admire the color.


Why does this little coat look so familiar? Where did I see it before? My kids are 19+ years old so it has nothing to do with kids stuff. What is it?

As my heart (there’s the heart reference) warms I realize that my Grandmother had a very similar coat in the same color (there’s the pink reference). I smiled because I felt her with me, like she was standing right next to me.  My heart felt full from love and I thanked her for her visit. Wasn’t that adorable how she caught my attention?

All this happened in seconds but it does happen, to everyone. Pay attention to your surroundings and how you feel. You have passed relatives and friends that are waiting for you to notice them but first, you have to open your heart. They are trying to get your attention.

It was a great start to the day. Now I’m ready to paint.

Thanks for the visit Grandma 💗

3 thoughts on “How You Can Tell When A Passed Relative is With You

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