The Root Chakra Is All About Trust


The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine is all about Trust. It is the connection to our physical body. It’s the powerhouse and our survival chakra. 

As we know red is a power color. The Root Chakra is red as well and it’s this chakra that empowers our survival instinct.

  • Are we grounding in life?
  • Do we know what we want or are we living like a fish out of water?
  • So we stand strong in know what we want for ourselves and for our life?
  • Do we have the confidence to trust ourselves in providing what we need to survive?

Simply put, these are the questions that we should ask ourselves. If you answered yes to all these questions, then you have what it takes to succeed in your personal growth. You trust in yourself to grow strong and succeed.

A tree is often symbolic of the Root Chakra. Keep your roots strong and well planted into the ground to keep you physical body well rooted in life. What else can help with this?

To enhance your Root Chakra try:

  • Wearing red will asset in strengthening your Root Chakra.
  • Decorate your home with red accents.
  • Love jewelry? Think rubies and garnets.
  • Eat red food such as beets, cranberries, strawberries, cherries, apples etc.

Trouble with the Root Chakra?

  • Like the roots of a tree, our body has a support system. The bones. Osteoporosis can be a symptom of an unbalanced or blocked Root Chakra.
  • What’s red in the body? Blood. You may develop blood issues like anemia and that will effect your entire body as will bone issues.

See how the Root Chakra is really the base or foundation of our survival? If your foundation is not strong, how will the rest of your body and mind function properly?

This is where mediation comes in handy. You don’t have to do anything fancy just take out a few minutes a day and visualize a tree. Your tree is strong, healthy and well rooted – just like your body.

See the Askfirmation I have in the graphic? It’s similar to a Affirmation but it’s asking a question. You can find out more about these helpful Askfirmations on the Angel Chatter website which I’ll be referring to often.

So think about why it’s so easy to trust yourself. The answers will come.

Donna 🌳

2 thoughts on “The Root Chakra Is All About Trust

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