Showing Love In The Tub.


Time to share the love! Yesterday, I was beside myself because I found my Malachite that went missing. I’ve been tearing up my house for months looking for that thing!

Well last night I decided to take a celebratory bath (oh and that had been clogged for a really long time but Hubs fixed it – yet another reason to be joyous!) As you know, the malachite is green and which chakra is green? Well the heart chakra of course!


Anyway, as I’m stepping out of my glorious bubble bath I look down and see a large, about a good 4″, heart shaped bubble on my knee! I wish I had taken a picture but that would have just been weird.

Taking all this awesomeness one step further, our knees are the place of connection. I just made a full body, heart connection in my tub! Oh and by the way, we have a knee chakra, which is brown. The knee chakra is connected to our heart chakra. Isn’t it a coincidence that the heart bubble was on my knee? No it’s not 🙂

This my friends is another perfect example of how you can pick up messages by observing your surroundings. Pay attention to what you see and put 2+2 together to = wonderfulness.

Donna 💚

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