1st Angel Hug Painting, Divinely Downloaded


Well I had another painting in mind to debut my Spiritual paintings but this one jumped right ahead.

This is a 12×12 sculpture and painting in one. It has many colors that can be seen in the background, which is the bottom layer, and it represents the aura of this Angel.

Since they showed me Turquoise as one of the colors to include in this painting, that tells me that this is Archangel Haniel. Her color and crystal is turquoise. See a color around you? That is one of the ways to identify who it is.

She comes in with heavy texture and just faint color of blue and raw sienna. Now the trouble with painting Angels is the color. There is no yellow or white bright enough to show how I see these images so I use glitter. Lucky for this painting, soft hues were all they gave me.

If you look closely at this painting you’ll see it has silver in the wings blue in the body and gold in the face area. It’s very subtle but that’s the way they showed this in my minds eye.

Here are some close-ups so you can see the texture and color a little better.


The thing about Angels is to me, they rarely have a form. Most are seen in a smoke like shape or just in a wisp. This one had a faint shape of what most of us perceive as an Angel.

She was Divinely downloaded which means that this is the image I saw when I asked “what should I paint?” If this Angel resonates for you, she is meant to be in your home.

She sells for $111.

Donna 👼


ps. She is SOLD.


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