My 1st Angel Service In The Works: Spiritual Paintings

Well this service isn’t 10 seconds out of my head yet and I’m writing about it already – that’s a good sign!

It has to be formatted and finalized of course but here’s what I’m thinking. Since I love to paint and obviously have a special connection with the Angels, I’ll going to offer a SPIRITUAL PAINTING service. Want to see the energies and Angels around you? This is what this service will be all about and I can’t wait to start!

Not sure of the details just yet but I can tell you this. I can connect with you and  see the Angels around you (yes I see Angels all the time) and then paint if for you!

Here are few images I saw either during mediations or when I connected with people. I sketch them down on an app to capture what I see then I paint. See the graphic on the top row 4th one in? That’s my Angel Hug!!!!

Details to come.


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