Halcyon Angel: The Angel of Happiness and Peace


Halcyon: Happy, golden, blissful, joyful, contented, thriving, flourishing, successful, calm, tranquil, peaceful. Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

The other day I posted the making of the Halcyon Angel and it’s really a post you should read before reading this post. Especially if you want to buy her, it’s nice to know all about the Angel that will be watching your home.

Some of you may think that this is just a blob of paint and gesso and you’re right – for the most part. Where did I get this inspiration from? I saw it.

I saw this beauty float by my eyes while I was on my treadmill of all places. I had my iPad open while I was walking away. Just reading.

What was I reading you ask? Since I like to paint, I was looking at some of the century old angel art from days gone by. I was admiring the colors, the composition and just the beauty of the art. Then something whips by me, a few feet in front of me going in the direction of right to left.

It was this Angel. She had two sets of wings and looked very, very close to what I painted here and not much bigger. So you see, not all Angels have halos and chubby little bellies. I know that because I see them.

Donna  👼


ps. She is SOLD.


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