Wanna Know the Quickest Way to Ground Yourself?

You already heard how important it is to be grounded. If you haven’t or want to know a little more about it, you can read my post on how to ground here.

Meanwhile, grab some of your favorite crystals, leave your phone at home or IF you HAVE to bring it, silence it and put it in your pocket. Follow me.

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I grabbed my newest crystal Selenite, aka Liquid Light. I swear this thing looks like a flashlight that is on 24/7, it glows all the time!

With selenite in one pocket and my phone in the other ( I knew I’d be taking pictures) I grabbed my walking stick and off I went, in the woods.

When I first got to the woods I was greeted by a really loud hawk (hello! It’s the Messenger of the Spirit world) I stopped, looked up in the tree where it was squawking and I was excited to see it. I looked down for a second to get my phone out of my pocket to take a picture, looked up and it was gone. Darn it! It was just up in the tree a second ago. It made a very fast escape.

Then I get a swoosh of spider webs all over my face – read about how last time I was hit in the face with a yellow butterfly in the very same spot – at least I thought they were spider webs yet I didn’t see any. Normally I’d freak out because I HATE spiders but I felt ok, pretty calm actually. No spiders and no webs in site yet I continued to brush them off my face.

As I walked in the woods, I noticed all the colors around and leaves that caught my eye. I placed my selenite and snapped a picture in the spots that I thought looked pretty. It was hard to get the right focus because the crystal was so bright it messed up the exposure on the snap. They still came out pretty though.

Walking, looking, listening, smelling. It wasn’t a bright day and it was a little muddy from all the rain we got the other day but I had my boots on and the walking stick in case I slipped in the mud or had to bean a snake on the head. What? I was a Girl Scout, I’m always prepared.

The sun started going down and it was getting a little chilly. I put my Selenite back in one pocket, my phone in the other and started walking back home. I was out for about 45 minutes. I felt good to exchange the air in my lungs, enjoy the birds fluttering around in the brush, listening to creek wash by and that was really it. That was how my daily walks go.

Oh and by the way, I just grounded myself doing this. It’s as easy as a walk in the woods.

Donna  🌲

6 thoughts on “Wanna Know the Quickest Way to Ground Yourself?

  1. I love to walk in the woods. I’m surprised that is all it takes to ground yourself. I really don’t know what that means, I’m going to read the link to the grounding post. I hear it a lot. I have to admit, I always wonder why would I want to ground myself? I like my head in the clouds dreaming of other worldly things and creative things to paint. I must need to educate myself 😉

    • It’s nice to “have our heads in the clouds” but we really need out feet to be firmly planted on the ground for oh so many reasons. The of course is more to grounding than just walking in the woods but read the link, that will certainly help you out.

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