A Painting of Mother Mary


Whenever I see an image of this caliber, it’s really hard for me to get the colors bright enough. This is from a vision I saw of the Mother Mary and being limited by earthly color options, it comes close to what I saw.

She looks down at earth, with no facial features but long brown hair and soft pastel colors adorning Her head.

At first when I “saw” this I knew right away it was Mother Mary. There was absolutely no mistaking it.

When I see images from the Ascended Masters there is one visual that always, always accompanies these visions. What is it? Glitter.

Here are some pictures I took of the Making of Mother Mary.

mother-mary9 mother-mary8 mother-mary7 mother-mary6 mother-mary5 mother-mary2























You can see the glitter in my very first Angel vision of my Angel Hug. Also, all my paintings that contain the glitter, that I know are Angels that I’ve seen, will have the Angel Hug symbol on the painting instead of a signature.

This one is not for sale.

5 thoughts on “A Painting of Mother Mary

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