Animal Communication: What Are Your Pets Saying?

animal-communicationEver look at dogs face and see it’s expression? Ever look at a dog and hear what it’s thinking?

Animals communicate with us all the time, we just have to listen.

We all know that dogs have some really great expressions on their face. You can tell when they are happy, sad, tired or just ate your shoes that were under your bed.

As pet owners, we know our dogs like the back of our hands. We know when they are sick, have to pee, want to go for a walk or just want to sit in their favorite place and be left alone. Easy to SEE right? What about hearing them? Did you ever listen to your dog?

If you have a really good communication with your pet, and most if us do, you can really tap into what they are feeling and to what they are saying. Here’s what I heard a dog say at a Charlotte brewery one day.

Now I know what you’re going to say, “oh see was at a brewery so she imagined all this because she was, “happy” and just made it all up.”

Normally, that would be my first reaction too and I even thought that myself!

“What the heck is in this beer?” I remember saying to myself as this event played out however, I was just two sips into my first beer. So nonbelievers, debunked.

Here’s what happened.

There are certain breweries in Uptown Charlotte where you can bring your dog inside. I’m not a fan of that because I think it’s gross to have dogs around where people eat and drink yet is kinda cute to see everyone hanging out with their pets and watching the dogs interact with the people so I tolerate it.

So friends and I are sitting at one of the long tables at this one well known brewery in Charlotte.  I’m looking around watching all the people enjoying their beer and their friends.

At one table, a group of about 10 brought their Basset Hound with them. All dogs must be leased and well behaved, which this dog was.

From where I was sitting I had a perfect view of this dog. At first I was like great, now I have to look at a stinky, drooly dog while I sip on my beer for the next 30 minutes.

I’m looking at this dog all curled up on the cold cement floor and it lifts it’s head up and looks me straight in the eye. I say to myself, “don’t look at me, I have four cats and a parrot, I don’t even like dogs that much.”

Then as our eyes continued to stay locked, I “saw” a pink blanket. Out of nowhere and for no reason at all, I see a pink blanket it my minds eye! (Clairvoyance) This was a little weird to me because I was trying to enjoy a Sunday out with friends and I didn’t want my “Spooky” on. I just wanted to relax and have fun.

Having said that, I realized that there is never a day off. There is always, always, always something to see, hear or feel no matter where I am and I’ve learned to turn it down, but just can’t shut it off and that’s the way it is.

So, back to the dog.

After seeing the blanket I then hear (Clairaudience) the dog say – and I kid you not – she said,

“I don’t feel well. I don’t want to be here. I just want to go home and lie down on my pink blanket and rest.”

I nearly fell off my bench because that was really the first time my clairaudience was so profound.

I turned and looked at Hubs and said, “you’ll never know what just happened.”

After telling him what I heard, he just looked at me like I had 1,000 heads and that’s fine. I know what just went down and I don’t need anyone’s approval to legitimize what I know.

I looked at the dog again and in my mind (Clairvoyance) I said to the dog, “I’m so sorry!!! I can’t help you! I feel so bad that you are not feeling well but there is nothing I can do.”

Oh god did I feel horrible for that dog! Do people not see that their dog is sick????

Anyway, no sooner did I say that to the dog (in my mind) she stopped looking at me, turned her head and looked out the window. Done.

I couldn’t believe that I just had a conversation with a dog! I just KNEW (Claircognizance) that dog was sick. I KNEW that I heard what she said and I kNEW what she said to me.

I felt so bad but there was nothing I could do. I took a deep breath, brushed it off and continued my fun day with my friends.

A few minutes later that group of people stood up to leave. I was happy that they were leaving because that poor dog was finally going home. As they left, the dog turned to me as if to say thanks. She turned her head to the other side and I saw she had a big, pink band-aid from some kind of injury on the left side of her body.


7 thoughts on “Animal Communication: What Are Your Pets Saying?

  1. I probably would have really freaked people out as I would have found a way to walk by, stop and pet the dog, then casually mention that he did not look like he felt well. Lol…I figure I would never see them again, so who cares right? I would not do that if a woman was standing there giving me a message, but an animal, oh my, they own me….

    • I came really close to doing that Nancy you have no idea! I could see that the dog was just uncomfortable, not in pain, just tired. If I knew that she was hurt, trust me when I tell you I would have been the first to say something. Sometimes my NY just pops right out!

  2. I love how you talk about Hubs and the way he looks at you. A woman with 1000 heads. I suppose that it the way my other half looks at me with a twinkle in his eye. I love how you communicated with this poor fellow or rather how he shared his day with you. Thank you for sharing Donna!

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