Truth, Trust and Vision

Truth, Trust and Vision

Do you know literally everything we look at can be associated with our chakras? For example, let’s break down this painting.

ORANGE: The center is orange. Our sacral chakra is orange and all about truth. It contains all our power and control issues. It’s the center for our sensualness and creativity. It’s our “feel good” center and that is what should be the center of our lives, enjoying and feeling good. Tap into that yumminess in your life.

RED: Red is all about the root chakra and trust. It’s a grounding color and the base of our physical development which connects you to the earth. It’s your survival center. Are your feet firmly planted on the ground or is your head dizzy up in the air? Stand firmly in your thoughts, actions and what you feel is best for you.

INDIGO: Oh this is one of my faves, the 3rd eye chakra. Not only is a pretty color but it gives us a higher persecutive of inners sights and knowings. When this chakra is fully activated, both the hemispheres are balanced and our insights not only show us what we see but ables us to understand it better. Yea that sounds complicated.

The glitter you see represents the little light bulbs or your “ah-ha” moments.

Trust, Truth and Vision is 12×12, acrylic and glitter, selling for $88


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