What Does It Mean When I See A …

One can go to the internet and find all kinds of information on the magic of ladybugs, birds, dragonflies, butterflies, spiders, deer or feathers but as Spiritual and Angelically connected people, we should start “feeling” what these sightings mean to us.

I spend most of my time in my home office. I paint there, work, design, create, read, meditate, read my cards, play with my cats, study – you name it, I’m all over that office. My energy is 100% there.

There’s always some kind of Angel sightings or Spiritual messages that I get while I’m in my house and I’m training myself to rely on me and how that message resonates with me instead of looking up someones definition on the computer.
Just recently a spooky thing happened (and when I say “spooky” it’s not a bad thing as in “boo” but one of the amazing things that the Awakened experience) and right after it happened I saw a ladybug, on a cold day mind you, on my window. I noted that.

Just recently, another incident happened and as I looked out the same window, another ladybug landed in THE SAME PLACE. Noted again.

To me, and you’d have to know the event that I was experiencing to fully understand, it felt like my Angel team was with me, reassuring me that they are here and supporting me. I noted how I felt and I was warm and fuzzy all over.
If you see a ladybug, dragonfly or any insect or creature in question, go through this checklist:

  • What is happening when you see it?
  • What kind of creature is it?
  • Is it big, little?
  • What color is it?
  • Does it shed it’s skin?
  • Is it only seen seasonally?
  • Is it a strong animal?
  • Did it land on your body? Where?
  • Does someone you know relate to this creature?
  • (by the way, that is hugely important. If a creature you just saw reminds you of someone, that is a visitation.)
  • How does this creature act? Like a leader?
  • If it’s an object like a feather, what bird does it come from?

    You have to be a Detective in the Spiritual world because here, everything is a puzzle. Put the pieces together and you’ll have your answers.

    Donna 🐞
  • 3 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When I See A …

    1. I have an issue that I am awaiting manifestation on….I know it is happening. The day I was heavily pondering this issue, was the day after the 11/11 full moon. I had done my release of what I needed to do away with for this moon, and the next morning I am on my patio and see a beautiful hawk. I have never seen one here in my area of the house I live in before this day. It was sitting on the roof of the house next door, when I looked at it and said “hello” it flew toward me and then about 10 feet over my head and soared out of sight. I did “feel” it was a message letting me know that everything was going to work out as I need it too. And now I see it every day. Everyday it is the same, “hello, you are so beautiful”, I tell it. Then it flies over my head and again disappears. I take it as a Spirit Animal with a message of hope and growth in my life.

      • That’s perfect Nancy! It’s helpful to look at what type of animal it is. The Hawk, without looking at the internet, we know as a predatory bird who doesn’t have many other animals above him (besides man) that can harm him. He’s strong and with his very sharp eyes “sees” what’s way ahead of him so he can easily plan his next meal. Perhaps this is a message that YOU clearly see what you need to do and you can easily grasp it because you are that strong. His daily visits are reminders or pushes to get you going in the direction you need to be. Very cool bird Nancy. Keep me posted on how things go.

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