Is Card Reading A Bunch of BS or What?

quartz-michaelOk all you nonbelievers – here’s one for you! I don’t like to try to “debunk” anything I do because I trust myself and my Spirt Guides 110% HOWEVER last night I had to try something. I will never debunk again.

Starting in 2016, I’m going to try something new. I’m going to be a Teacher and talk about all that is Metaphysical from Angels to the Dream world. I’ll be hosting workshops.

Like any new path in life, I don’t know about you but I get a little nervous. Should I? Can I? Will I be good at this? Am I suppose to be doing this? So to my Angel Chatter cards I went.

  • I DO want to do this.
  • I DO want to tell and show people what I know about this world.
  • I Do want to help people by answering their questions the best I can.
  • I Do feel it in my gut that this is the direction I should be going.

However, there’s is that little itty bitty ? in me that is STILL asking:

Should I be a Teacher? Is this my path? Should I be doing this next year? As I’m shuffling my cards last night, these are the questions that I’m asking. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle … and one card pops out from the deck.

Which one? This one.


So I hope that if you’re local to the Charlotte area, you’ll be joining my workshops because now I know, like all my Angel Hug experiences, it will be Divinely inspired.


I finished this post at 7:30 am and looked up the numbers:

“Angel Number 730 is an important message that the life choices you have made have brought about positive opportunities that will ensure that you stay on the right Divine path.  It is also an indication that you will be devoting more of your time and energy towards your spiritual pursuits and Divine life purpose and soul mission. ”

5 thoughts on “Is Card Reading A Bunch of BS or What?

  1. I know about that little nagging voice all too well. Sharing your light can feel really scary. Keep going with it, Donna! For me, I don’t even have a direction yet. Like you I put my trust in being divinely inspired. That’s always the way of it. 🙂

  2. This is most definitely what you are supposed to do…Teaching others of this wonderful spiritual world available to us is the MOST important thing to be doing. It changes lives and eventually will change our world. Thank you for stepping up. You are perfect for this…

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