Starting in January: Mind, Body, Spirit Workshops!


What a great way to start the year!!! This is going to be my first of many workshops in the Charlotte area. What’s it all about? Come see.

Since I LOVE writing on this blog, I’m taking it one step further and now will be offering workshops – sorry just local to the Charlotte area – about everything that I discuss here and more!

There are so many experiences waiting for us right around the corner or experiences that some of you had and are looking for validation. I was in the same boat not to long ago and was looking for a Mentor for help and to talk to. Sure you can find a plethora of information on the web but when it comes to this world, it’s nice to experience the energy of each other first hand.

I’ll be adding to this post so check back here for details. Right now I have two guest speakers and Carrie Beleno, will be the first one up. You can read about her here on her website to find out more about who she is and what she does.


What else will I be taking about? Well it’s still in the works but you can count on me talking about color and the chakras, Angels and the chakras, Angels and color, dreams and all those weird “what just happened?” experiences that we all sense at some point in our lives. I’ll also be tapping into what you all want to talk about so I’d prefer not to have an outline and just go with the flow, lead by you.

Since I’m very Clairvoyant (able to “see” images) and I also paint, I can take a few things one step further and actually SHOW you what some Angels look like, what dirty chakras look like and a few other things that are super cool to learn about.

Here’s what a dirty chakra looks like. I’ll be showing you how to clean them and so much more!


I’ll be updating this page so check back!!!!

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