Always Ask, “Who Are You?”


As the air thickened and it felt harder to breathe, I knew there was a Spirit around. Seeing glitter in my 3rd Eye was a sure sign that it was an Ascended Master.

Then the question – Who Are You?

Whenever I sense Spirit around  I always ask, “Who Are You?”

I instantly get a “UNI” – in caps too, that’s how you know it’s someone important. 

“UNI?” I said to myself as all the possibilities (aka my “checklist”) are going through my head. Then heard the answer.

“You. And. I.”



That was very powerful, simple, but powerful.

After any experience you have, always note how you feel.

  • Do you feel happy, safe?
  • Did you cry – good tears and not from fear?
  • Were you able to get a name when you asked for one?

Checklists are important. Always ask until all your questions are noted. If you can’t get a name there’s a really good chance that someone is pulling your chain and doesn’t need to be in your space.

If you get a name and it’s in capitals, that’s a big wig or an Ascended Master.

Feelings are very important. Here, I felt safe, happy and just warm and fuzzy all over like I just went to Christmas Mass. If there is any inkling of fear, it’s very likely that it’s a Trickster or someone trying to look one way but is really another – like someone wearing a Halloween costume. I’ll have to talk about that in another post.

Always go through your checklist before you come to any conclusions. If your conclusion feels good then go to your journal and write it down. This blog is my journal so I get to share it with you!



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